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  • berrygerry

    Comment on similar post (WTH is going on behind closed doors in WT land?)

    Was in this goof ball cult during my late teens early 20s.

    I always will remember a special talk a representative from the headquarters gave, which I later learned was given to all witnesses across America, possibly even global.

    The speaker talked for 30 minutes about why people shouldn’t have sex with animals. Bestiality is a sin! To add to the fun the speaker had a strong new england accent.

    What about sex with an “animer”?
    This is fornication, which is forbidden by Jehovah.
    What about rubbing the gentials of an “animer”, while rubbing your own genitals too?
    This would be fornication, which is forbidden by Jehovah.
    What about only rubbing the genitals of an “animer”, without stimulating yourself?
    That would be fornication too, which is forbidden by Jehovah.

    The room was filled with mostly middle aged and elderly women.

    Cut to: groups of JWs later wondering out loud how big the epidemic of human/animal relations was “in the truth” and if anybody locally was doing it.

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    Hand Check!

  • Steel

    I have always seen a certain level of mockery in the WTS but this is literally homosexual erotica.

    Besides of the writers of gay porn, who the fire tuck actually thinks about this stuff and talks about it.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    So happy to see that this madness is getting more and more publicity!
    The GB / Society is going to rue the day they ever produced videos.

    Now the whole earth can see how bat-shit crazy they are!

    In terms of these videos, I think that sooner or later the law of diminishing returns will kick in (if it hasn't begun already) and they'll begin to have the reverse effect that they were intended to have. Between the over exposure of the once mysterious Governing Body and their incessant need to create issues where no issue exists, people are eventually going to tune them out altogether.

  • steve2

    Now, if only JW organization put as much energy and concern into policies on child protection and making it safer and sounder for child sexual abuse allegations to be followed up.

  • sparrowdown

    I love the way "worldy" people are not afraid of "triggering their persecution complex" they just say it like it is.

    I 'm becoming convinced the only way to hurt WT is with ridicule, relentless ridicule.

  • JustHuman14

    Wow!!!! They are complete [email protected]$+ing nuts!!! Does any knows how can I obtain the video without the commentator? Is Is it on JW.ORG


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