United Nations Global Peace And Security Announcement September 2015 / Attack On Christians

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  • freddo
    Luke 21 v 8 Timothex - you've blown it already!
  • Vidiot

    I can't tell if Timothex's thing is satire or not.

  • Zoos
    Wasn't 1986 a whole UN year of peace and security?

    The International Year of Peace


    Although the Watchtower never made any dogmatic statements about the UN proclamation, they sure did talk about it a lot. Do a Watchtower CD Library search for: International Year of Peace

  • SimonSays

    Just another Bible Student enthusiastic view for 2017. I believe you people had a Bible Student run you through that about a month or so ago, “Lars” maybe that him come back for seconds. However, he should not use deception to promote his view, stick to your own kind, Horatio. Onward Jewish Nation, Prophecy of 1947-8 can be completed by the denial of the Iranian Nuclear deal, but that won’t force God’s judgement Day, sorry.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The sooner the better they turn on the bOrg. Good riddance!
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I love turtles.
  • username

    This is in a long list of theories centering on September 2015 as it is the end of the 7 year cycle known as Shemitah. The theories range from a large planet called planet X is about to hit the earth wiping out civilization to the pope announcing there is no god (now this would be fun!) ushering in the New World Order.

    All I can say is take everything with a pinch of salt and wait to see if September will indeed prove to be eventful. One thing I do predict though. We will see October.

  • smiddy

    Timothex ,

    Haven`t you just made a major blunder in your O.P.?

    The U.N. according to the Watchtower , when declaring Peace and Security , was the attack on all religions catholic protestant and non Christian religions world wide , no exceptions.

    You state it will be led by Pope Francis ? What planet are you on , more importantly what are you smoking.?

    I think you need to get back on your medications , before you have a total relapse. Sorry Bro. you need help.

    You obviously have not been paying attention to your W.T.studies , maybe falling asleep halfway through ? don`t worry we all did that .

    Maybe you are young and gullible , don`t you know the U.N. declared 1986 the year of peace and Security ?

    That`s over 29 years ago and we are all still here .?

    How many times does the Watchtower indicate that the end is near , and it does not happen before the members of that religion wake up to the fact they are being manipulated by a few men in Brooklyn (America ) that they are being scammed .

    The Jehovah`s Witness religion , is just another American religion that arose in the late 18th century Capitalising on the end of a century expecting Jesus Christs return .

    It happened many times before.

    We are still here , 2000 years after his supposed death , yet , no sign of Jesus.

    However ,religions of all faiths makes millions of dollars off the gullible putting their faith in these institutions.


  • Bonsai
    The only "attack" that has been performed on Jdubs recently is the Australian government going on the offensive to get them to stop protecting pedo's. Other than that, no one gives a flying kite what the JW organization does.

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