Jesus was historical, and inspired too!

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  • freemindfade
    Eschetology prophecies are ridiculous. Every generation says these prophecies are/were about them. They are vague. Prove nothing. But somehow people are convinced they always describe their time period. Interesting no???
  • Saintbertholdt

    Hi iconoclastic,

    To see the fulfillment of what Jesus said, I do not have to be a high-profile scholar. Just common sense is enough. I remember seeing a picture published in many news papers during Vietnam War—half of it showing the hapless victims who lost all their properties and became physically disabled, and the other half of the picture showing the bungalow and paradaisic surroundings of the owner of the Dow chemicals that supplied napalm bombs. This shows in most cases one can become materially rich at the expense of other’s suffering, hence rich man is convertible with disregard for others’ wellbeing, hence will have to be in the hell he himself creates for him and others (which means: disregard will never brings joy, hence gives hell, whereas regard and care for others make one feel as if he lives in heaven).

    Lets not forget Boeing who supplied the B52 bombers to drop incendiary bombs, napalm and agent orange. Today's 747 is a product of the development of wartime technology. The B17, the great grand daddy of the 747 flattened entire cities. So every time you board a jumbo jet to take a holiday you are supporting those same war mongers. The fact is as long as war is made companies will supply the machinery of war. So the idea is to reduce war so that companies and individuals no longer have to have blood on their hands.

    We're certainly not going to get there by inflaming each other because each believes in their own God or Gods. As a Christian you should recognize that God does not adhere to human temporal expectations. You are recognizing 'signs' as an indicator of a coming apocalypse. As freemindfade pointed out: "Every generation says these prophecies are/were about them." As a Christian shouldn't you rather try to make the world a better place to live, and leave God's things to God. He has his own timetable.

    Regarding the coming of Christ: I find it interesting that within the old testament Israel was always given a choice. Do this and things will go well with you, do that and you'll experience my wrath. I do not understand why under the new covenant humanity as a whole no longer has a choice in the matter. I would have imagined that the coming of Christ could be a joyous thing for everyone because if humanity manages to solve most of society's ills the kingdom will be established not with a slaughter but with a celebration. Now if mankind cannot solve the ills and things escalate to total chaos the kingdom would be established with violence. I would have thought that God would still have given humanity a choice as to how the kingdom would be established: With sorrow or with joy. However for some odd reason God went backwards in the new testament although conscience and freedom is constantly emphasized.


  • SecretSlaveClass
    reason is most of the wealthy fail to treat the fellow humans as fellow humans.

    The bible is meaningless nonsense to me so I'll adress this for practical reasons.

    Poor people are also guilty of inhumane treatment, brutality, disrespect for the environment and greed. Wealth has little or nothing to do with how we treat our fellow creatures and environment. What Jesus said does not support your unrealistic view of life at all in this case.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    They produce processed food ...

    Would you rather we all go back to subsistence farming or become hunter-gatherers?!

    Would you want us to forego medicine and electricity and live in mud huts?

    Don't you realize how hard life would be?

  • LisaRose

    It's easy to blame the wealthy for the world's problems, but it's simplistic and wrong. For example, global warming happened because of our dependence on fossil fuel, and everyone that drives a car contributed to this problem. In fact, many rich people are attempting to find ways to solve this problem, Bill gates, for example. If you are concerned for the environment, stop blaming and start doing your share to fix it. If everyone took responsibility for their own actions we could substantially cut our green house gases.

    A few things we as individuals can do:

    The next time you purchase a car, get one with the best gas mileage possible. There are several cars that run alternative fuel or that get really great gas mileage. My husband drives a Jetta diesel that gets 47 mpg. He also takes mass transit to work. Just think how much gas would be saved if everyone did this.

    Think about what you use and buy on a regular basis. For example, bottled water is very popular. People are more health conscious and are drinking less soda, and bottled water is cheap and convenient, but it's not such a great thing for the environment. Each bottle has to be manufactured which uses fuel, then it has to be transported using more fuel. In most cases it's simply tap water that has been filtered. I use a reusable bottle and fill it with my own great tasting tap water, I save money and the environment. That ten dollars a month that I save not buying tap water I put in a college savings account for my granddaughters.

    Reduce, reuse, recycle. I have an antiques business, so I frequently shop at garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores. Thrifting isn't for everybody, but you can save a lot of money by buying used. I buy not only antiques, but supplies for my business, clothes for myself and things for the house. It always amazes me when people get rid of things that are still usable, many times never used or worn. . Clothes that were never worn, furniture that just needs a simple fix, or things they just bought without thinking. This is not only stupid from an environmental standpoint, but is a waste of money.

    Of course every one should recycle, but you can help the environment even more by only buying what you need. And when you don't need something anymore, donate it or sell it on Craig's list.

    Why by CDs and DVDs when it's so much cheaper and better for the environment to use streaming services, or purchase online. Why buy books when you can get them from the library or in digital format?

    Research corporations to find those that are doing more for the environment and give them your business. Become knowledgeable about environmental issues and tell others. Write your current congressman and vote for those who are sensitive to environmental issues.

  • SecretSlaveClass


    Agreed. Being a responsible consumer is one of the many ways we can accept responsibility for own positive behavior. As I said before, enough with the blame game when as individuals we could be making a better effort in securing a more promising future for our planet.

  • iconoclastic
    I am practising most of the things you mentioned. I go even further, eat only two times a day (with nothing in between), abstain from all types of processed foods. I use mostly bicycle when alone even up to 10 km, and car only with the family and so on.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Well, it's good that you're doing these healthy/eco-friendly things, Iconoclastic.

    I won't knock someone for trying.

    All the best


  • SecretSlaveClass
    Good to read that Icon. That's how we can all make a difference.

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