Kingdom Melodies Cassette #990

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  • tergiversator

    Hmm. My absolute favorite song when I was really little, say 5 or 6, was #112, "Then They Will Know." (Must've been some ironic foreshadowing...) My mom says I once started singing it really loud in the middle of a grocery store, and everyone looked at me kinda funny.

    But once you get past the stage where singing songs loud is fun because you get to see how many people in the rows ahead of you will turn around and look at who's singing so loudly (and, perchance, a tad bit out of key), the songs overwhelmingly underwhelm. The first time I ever went to a non-witness service, however much I still had some residual discomfort from being in a (gasp) church, I was quite impressed by the music, as well as by the fact that there was quite a bit more of it in proportion to sermon time.

    My never-witness boyfriend and I looked through a song book once and he, knowing a little bit a music, pointed out how simplistic and repetitive most of the songs were from a technical point of view - something, of course, that I had figured out from years of listening to them. There's so many of them that just all sound the same, aren't there?

  • rem

    Not sure if I ever had a favorite - maybe #15 - is that "Life Without End at Last"? I did enjoy singing at the Hall, though. I was pretty much just mocking the songs. Sometimes I would sing in an exaggerated vibrato. Many times I would replace words with my own, or pronounce the words as they were written, like giv'n and heav'n. That would always get a chuckle out of Mrs. rem. I also liked singing harmonies to certain songs. It was a way to wake up my brain after sitting through an hour or so of mindless talks. I slipped right back into character at the last Memorial, happily mocking the praises to Jehovah.


  • crossroads

    I hope I got the line right
    "Fear not those who can kill the body but not the soul".
    It's an old song in the 70,s
    I don't think they sing it anymore even though it was
    based on a scripture.
    Don't think it would have anything to do with that 'soul'
    thing would it?

  • dedalus
    Many times I would replace words with my own, or pronounce the words as they were written, like giv'n and heav'n.

    Yeah, I had totally forgotten the many ways of mocking the Kingdom Songs ... we had an elder in our hall, Eddie, who was somewhat irritating ... and so the refrain became, "Life Without Ed at Last."

    A couple of us sang the lyrics in Spanish, which was amusing.

    He he.


  • ShaunaC

    tergiversator, I love "Then they will know". Such a powerful sounding song! (yeah, right) Wasn't that one of those that the chorus was a question followed by the answer. In our hall, a few times, we would have the sisters ask the question and then the brothers would sing the answer part. I think there were a few songs we did that to occasionally. Anyone else ever have fun like that in your hall?

  • unanswered

    "I remember years ago, certain brothers and sisters would get together to
    sing the songs a make up different melodies to them and so forth, but
    all that was stopped. The thinking was that, unless you play it like it
    sounds on the cassette, youre disrespecting Jehovah."

    it's funny you mentioned this, kimberly, because i remember a drama about some brothers who wanted give the kingdom melodies a little rock appeal, and the strong counsel they recieved. i remember thinking, "this really diserves drama attention?"

    one song that will always bring the taste of bile into my mouth is, "move ahead". sooooo inspiring.-nate

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