It's official - JWs have least common sense of any religious group in US

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    JW's believe the creative day was not a literal 24 hour period.

    if we dont believe god made the creative day a 24 hour period--then why believe in god at all ?

    the creative day concept is right there at the beginning of the bible. if its not true--then isnt the rest of the bible also untrue ?

  • Athanasius

    One surprise was the political party affiliation of the JWs. In 2014 7% were Republicans or leaning in that direction, while over twice as many JWs or 18% were Democrats. However, reading further in the report reveals another interesting trend.

    When asked about the size of government, 50% of the JWs favored bigger government, while 32% were for smaller government.

    No doubt the Bethel lay-offs have contributed to their leftward political shift and the desire for more government among the JWs. But isn't it how they quickly turn to Satan's organization for assistance, rather than wait on Jehovah.

  • slimboyfat
    Black people are very over represented among JWs, so it stands to reason they lean toward the Democrats for that reason alone.
  • slimboyfat
    Good to see you around by the way Athanasius. Are you still interested in researching Rutherford?
  • Athanasius

    Hi SBF,

    I've completed a 150 pages of the biography I'm writing on Rutherford. Finished his early life up to 1918. Not many people are aware of Rutherford's political career before joining the Bible Students. He ran for political office as a Democrat and once came within 100 votes of securing the Democratic nomination for State Legislator.

    Though not successful in politics, Rutherford turned to religion, and JWs are still paying for Rutherford's

  • slimboyfat
    Cool sounds fascinating! Please publish soon.
  • traveb
    Thanks for the link SBF, some very interesting trends. At this rate, the existing GB members will soon have to consider promoting a Hispanic woman to their ranks! :)
  • redvip2000

    This is really an old woman's club religion now.

    lol..indeed. btw, these stats are fascinating. It's becoming the religion of the poor and educated more and more. I had noticed the disparity between men and women even before seeing any numbers. To me this really shows the emotional component of why people stay in (friends, family), as opposed to fact-based beliefs.
  • EdenOne

    If I'm correct, that Pew research is only looking at the US?

    Yesterday someone (a JW) shared on Facebook some sensational article that claimed that archaeologists had found evidence of a huge ancient army whose remains were supposedly found on the seabed of the Red Sea, thus "proving" that the account of the Exodus was accurate. Well, the picture of two divers holding a skull looked familiar, so I got on the case and bingo!, that picture was from another archaeological discovery of 2014, but in a underwater cave in Mexico. So, the news item was an hoax. Then I visited the brazilian website where it had been posted. And looked at the comments section. What I read was UNBELIEVABLE.

    Most of the posters were obviously evangelical and pentecostal Christians. They nearly had orgasms with the news. But when someone dared to say the item looked like an hoax, they jumped that poster with such fanatical hate, I can't even describe how ignorant, hate-filled, disgusting, outrageous things were written. I never saw JW's going so low on the ignorance scale like that. If you could read portuguese, I would give you he link, but I hope you believe me. It was among the most ignorant, hateful drivel I have ever seen. All this to say that, at least outside the US, I don't think the JWs are on the bottom of the scale when it comes to common sense ... fundamentalist evangelicals are, for sure.



    What blows my mind is this common theme:

    We can't even be sure that these results are accurate, because we can't be sure the JWs who were interviewed understood the questions!

    LOL!!! OMG!!! WTF?!?!?


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