I talked to an elderly lady, but she is not a Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    I was coming out of Sam’s Club and I bumped into an elderly lady, probably late 70s early 80s.

    (I wasn’t about to ask a lady what her age is.) One of the workers was pushing a cart full of rib-eye steaks. She must have had about 40 steaks. That’s a lot of $$$$. I walked with her to the car and WTF---she’s driving a Lexus IS 350 F SPORT. Aren’t grandmas supposed to be driving some type of 4 door Grey-Buick Sedan?

    As it turns out she bought her grand-kid this car. We started taking and she tells me she lives in Florida, has another home in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego County and one of her great grand Kids or grandkid, don’t remember what she said, lives in my area, so she came to visit him.

    She starts asking me questions and the subject of my divorce, the JWs, the WT, Apostate, blah, blah, blah comes up.

    She says, “I know those people, they’re the ones that go door to door saying the world is going to end, right?” I say, “Yep”

    She says; “You know, I lost one of my best friends in school to those people. We both had plans to go to school and be somebody. Back then it wasn’t easy for girls to go to a University, but we were rebels. Then she got involved with those people and she didn’t want to do anything anymore. She even gave up birthdays and Christmas, can you imagine that.

    She continues; "So when I got married the first time at 18 and then divorced before 20, she convinced me to go to her church because according to her; “All the Good Men” were there. So I went to check it out, and all the boys I met in her church, were kind of weird. None of them had any ambition to be someone in the world and make a difference. They just wanted to go preaching and do odd part time jobs. So I told my friend, NO WAY. I tried to convince her to come with me and attend school and see if we could become nurses, perhaps even doctors, what the hell. But she decline. She was seeing some young fellow in her church.

    The next time I saw her was about 10 years later. I had married again to a young boy who always wanted to be a surgeon and he's dream was starting to pan out. I already had a couple of kids. She on the other hand, had married that fellow, had 3 kids and gotten divorced.

    She still tried to encourage me to go back to her church and she wanted to study the Bible with me. I said NO WAY. So we left it at that and didn’t see each other for about another 20 years. This time someone knocked at my door and when I opened the door, it was her and her new husband. They were soliciting landscape services. I invited them in but only she stayed and her husband took off. You could tell she had- had a hard life. She was probably in her 50s by now.

    Would you believe she still invited me to her church, and she still wanted to study the Bible with me? I asked her, “Sweetie, do you realize your life is almost over and you still believe the end of the world is coming? She looked at me with these hypnotic eyes and said, “I have faith the end is coming in my lifetime.”

    I knew then she was in a cult.

    This nice elderly lady told me her husband had passed away 10 years ago. He was a surgeon, made lots of money, and was a good investor. She said he left her with so much money, that she could live her life over about 5 times and not have to worry about a thing. She said she is leaving it all to her kids and grand-kids and great grand-kids. She said she had lived a very good life, had a great loving husband, great kids that have great careers, and great grand-kids with good futures ahead of them.

    I was thinking, what a difference your life will be if you NEVER LET THE WATCHTOWER INTO YOUR LIFE.

    It makes all the difference not only for yourself, but for your spouse, for your children, for your grand-kids, and even your great grand-kids.

  • zimunzucz

    Well said--

    JWs think they will be able to cheat death, if they just follow the directions of the WT publishing company, with constant OS upgrades to keep the SS Wacktower on course for the New Order, or the New System of Things, or Paradise, whatever they call it today.

    Consequently, they ignore the pitiful life their slavish devotion to the KH as rewarded them with.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I try not to dwell, too much, in who I could have become, with my looks, brains and personality, if I had not been a born-in Jdub and believed and stayed.

    I can see and understand both sides of your story.


  • Autumnation4414

    You, sir, are the old-woman whisperer

    Loved the parallels between their lives. I always see these tag lines on JW facebook pages and instagram accounts that says "best life ever" that causes instant eye rolls on my behalf. These people don't even understand what they are missing or how good the personal freedom is. They just keep drinking the kool aid.

  • scary21
    John, you have the BEST stories.
  • millie210
    John Aquilao
    I was coming out of Sam’s Club and I bumped into an elderly lady, probably late 70s early 80s.
    (I wasn’t about to ask a lady what her age is.)

    Ah, you are smart, young grasshopper!

  • umbertoecho
    John, I really like your stories/experiences too. They are good for the soul and confirm that to be free of indoctrination, to live a good life is our right. This religion sucked so much soul out of everyone. Thank you for these important views. You sound like a very friendly person who could talk to anyone.
  • umbertoecho

    I am ten years younger than my devout sister. She looks really old though. I mean "disappointed old". The sort of old that refuses to accept that she will die in this time on this earth and no one really knows what happens after.

    Her solution is to go into it further, get more insanely defensive and avoid "evidence" at all costs.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    You sound like a very friendly person who could talk to anyone.

    You know the great thing about waking up, is being able to talk to people without having to cram any WT doctrine down their throats. People for the most part are friendly and will talk to you for hours, as long as you don't try to cram religion down their throats

  • hyacinth
    It really is lovely getting to know people without the purpose of converting them.... its why I failed at Tupperware and Avon sales because I am not a sales person and thats what being a good JW feels like you have to sell your beliefs all the time everyone needs to be witnessed to at every opportunity or you aren't saving thier lives. I now know being the true me and caring about who they are and respecting thier beliefs will benefit them and me more.

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