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  • paradisebeauty

    Last week I was invited by a sister to go in the field ministry with her. I did, because she is one of the 2 people who contacted me since I am not attending the meetings.

    And I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell her about some of the things I researched.

    While she was preaching I stood aside and watched people's reaction. A person she spoke with was a theologian, the other one was clearly a member of a reformed church. They did not raise any issues, just listened to the sister's small "talk", smiled, took the magazine, said thank you and that was it.

    I wonder if people are taking them seriously any more ... or maybe they know by now where jw's are coming from and see there is no point in having an indeep religious conversation ... or maybe they just don't know how to defent their own faith, themselves ...

    Maybe it is just my new perspective, but I felt like it was a waste of time and that people are looking at them like preaching a cult, not the word of God, which is kind of true.

  • ToesUp
    I wonder how many people just take the literature to get the JW off their doorstep and then trash the literature. Easy way to get rid of them.
  • cantleave
    I "inherited" a load of calls from an elderly brother, when he became too old to continue FS. I lost most of them within a few weeks, and most actually admitted they only took the mags from him because he was a lovely old gentleman.
  • millie210

    I had a similar experience a year ago paradise,

    A sister I deeply respect asked me to go on a study. The woman being called on was pretty sharp. She has just broken up with her 7thDay Adventist husband and was/is looking for a religion of her own,

    She kept asking questions and the sister kept telling her that her question would be covered in upcoming chapters and to wait.

    I sat there remembering back when those were the instructions given during the Service Meeting. Not to answer questions because the book (Bible Teach) is designed in such a way that knowledge builds upon itself and questions get answered in order.

    I sat there musing on how I didnt even question that line of reasoning at the time! Now it seems fairly obvious that the Org wants NO thinking on anyones part. Just mindless obedient drones conducting studies.

    Smart, thinking people wont tolerate that nonsense and will quit studying. Only future mindless drones in the making will keep going.

    Its like an initiation process of sorts isnt it?

    When the Bible said God could make the stones cry out, did it mean to turn people in to mindless lumps like stones? Hmm.....a bit of a misapplication of scripture if so!

  • steve2

    And when the Witnesses do point to an answer, it is invariably simple-minded and full of holes - holes which you dare not poke.

  • Vidiot

    "Insights from the Field Ministry..."

    ...would be a great title for a book about the experiences of an XJW who woke up partly because of things he or she learned from householders.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    In this wonderful age of information, people know the basics on JWs, and some misinformation as well thanks to the disgruntled. However, many just are polite and take the material to just get them out of their hair. No harm done.


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