any similar experience?

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  • outnfree

    My mistake, I guess, but I have NEVER heard the expression "divided household" used to describe a situation where the child is a Witness brought up by worldly parents or the other way around, either. Though I suppose it could be.
    I'm glad you cleared that up, Chris.
    As for Jehovah and Jesus using imperfect humans to accomplish God's will, that is certainly so, for imperfect humans are all that exists on earth.
    And I agree with you that if the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is truly from God, it will stand. But I do not believe it is, or that it will. Only time will tell and you are certainly entitled to your opinion.
    I am sorry for your disappointment with the Brothers. I did not have a believing mate, and I always thought the greatest betrayal for any sister would be to have married in the faith, according to the Scriptures, and then have the brother commit adultery. How very crushing! And I knew several sisters to whom this very thing happened. You think you've done things Jehovah's way, and yet bad things happen to EVERYONE. Sounds like none of these brothers would have been good marriage material for you and if you're still looking, I sincerely hope that you find someone worthy of you.

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    are saying then that the ransom will reverse the adamic sin effects or already has?

    and before you reply......please look in a publication other than the WT ones


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