Kingdom hall in a church complex

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Check out this Kingdom hall right in a church complex!! Google map!

  • wozza
    Oh yeah ,"get out of her before.... blah blah"
  • joe134cd
    How ironic
  • cultBgone
    Too funny!! Thanks for sharing.
  • titch

    In the City of Rancho Santa Margarita, in California, there is Kingdom Hall. And, it's located on a street called "Via Con Dios". The KH is situated around other so-called churches of Christendom. Maybe when the city was incorporated, the "city fathers" wanted all of the local churches, including the Kingdom Hall, located on one roadway, the roadway named Via Con Dios. I don't know if it was planned that way, or not. But, that's where all of the churches, or places of worship are located, in that city. Best Regards, all!


  • ShirleyW

    I don't know if they still use it, but in the 1970"s in the Inwood section of Manhattan, but we had our Circuit Assembly in an old Jewish Synagogue that they purchased.


  • berrygerry
    That looks very weird.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    In the CENTRE of LONDON, ( PADDINGTON) the organisation bought a church, it is now a Kingdom Hall, but the outside is still a church building.

    I got an explanation from the bethel " it's just a building".

    I would say in my cynicle mind this was a purchase by a business lead organisation.

    But credit where credit is due, the organisation are financial geniuses.( I suspect that building was bought with cash and not credit)

    Seriously that purchase will in my opinion make 50, 000000.if in the future if the building can be converted in to flats.( My figures are not absurd this is PADDINGTON central London where property to purchase is 12 times the average income & it was purchased 30 years ago)

    This is a society that fleeces money from the congregation. Now let's talk facts, how many leave there homes to the society in wills? It's f..king discussing that this criminal activity is legal.

    Moan Over ( not)

    The Rebel.

  • ToesUp
    Well...JW's do have a choir now! They know if they don't go mainstream, it's over! Follow the $$$$.
  • Splash

    Tut tut, the 1999 WT writers would not have approved!

    w99 3/15 p. 24 Building on Pagan Foundation

    AMONG the many impressive monuments that are visited by tourists to Rome, Italy, is the Pantheon. The Pantheon was originally a pagan temple, a "place for all gods," which is the meaning of the original Greek word. Today, it is still considered a Roman Catholic church.

    It ought to be obvious, however, that changing the dedication of a temple or the name of a celebration is not sufficient to transform the 'worship of devils into the service of the true God.' "What agreement does God's temple have with idols?" asked the apostle Paul. "'Get out from among them, and separate yourselves,' says Jehovah, 'and quit touching the unclean thing'

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