Ok called writing dept yesterday.

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  • poopie

    Ask them a question can i give return to Jehovah brochure to a df person.? Dead silence on other end, then he said uh hold on brother long pause music then ok bro have you discussed this with your local elders answer no. Bro what cong do you attend? What does that have to do with my question? Ok so i told him cong .Now to original question no answer long pause,finally well bro we have an arrangement for that.Still no answer finally i say bro were you aware that non elders pass out brochures to df ones at assemblies long pause well bro talk to your elders.hypocrite

  • poopie

    Then i asked him will i be df for giveing df person the brochure? So then he asked are you df answer no. Then he asked when was last time you were out in service i said thats none of your business.

    This is so fun.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Vee vill ask ze quvestions you kleine schwein!!! :) Typical Bethelite response.


  • sir82

    i said thats none of your business.


    They are so used to unquestioning cowering and fearful deference....they are utterly unprepared to deal with anything else.

  • millie210
    poopie22 minutes agoThen he asked when was last time you were out in service i said thats none of your business.

    and that matters how?

    This is so fun

    Not for them I imagine LOL! For them it is like trying to find the corner in a round room.

    Maybe you helped point out the futility with your good questions! Well done.

  • sillygirlforgotpassword
    Ur so cool 😎
  • steve2

    Oh ye hapless caller: There is a proper procedure for distributing the brochure and then for returning to Jehovah.

    It is all about correct procedures.

    Nothing else matters.

  • GiftsinMen
    They get ever more bizarre but so funny.
  • avaddohn94

    I remember the last time I had to call the service department. "So much love" as you can imagine!

    The guy who picked up the phone asked me to provide all of my contact information before even considering what my need was.

    When we finished our discussion, I asked him if he could give me his name and he just said "now brother X, as an elder you should probably know we don't do that". Then I said, "sorry, you don't do what exactly?" He replied "you are not supposed to ask for our names".

    I remember I recalled Judges 13:17, 18 and could not stop laughing for a while!

  • fukitol

    This perfectly sums up how repulsive and unchristian their total shunning policy is.

    The technically correct JW response from that bethelite would have been "yes, that's fine provided you don't speak to them."

    But such a scenario would be farcical, absurd. Imagine handing written material out inviting a disfellowshipped person to return to the organization but not even saying a brief word of normal human courtesy or greeting.

    Truly creepy stuff. It's the Stepford Wives religion

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