Watchtower lack of empathy for victim children stunned Royal Commission

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    The comments and facial expressions of Judge Peter McClellan, the Chair of the Royal Commission and Angus Stewart, though subdued, clearly showed their disbelief and disgust at the lack of compassion and empathy by the Org and the elders and GB Jackson when questioned.

    This link, is a sobering look at the emotions people should feel at the abuse of their children.

  • umbertoecho

    I don't know what to make of violence. God knows I've had enough in my life. I don't get any joy from seeing violence like this. I'm all for a nice clinical approach,........I small injection of something that would put an offender out of action perhaps.........forever? I can't stoop to this, but then again............I could have killed my father many times over......who am I kidding?

    I'm responding because I don't want to ignore what your post is saying. It seems you feel really outraged by sexual molestation. I do understand your feelings.....thinking out loud is all I'm doing..........................still thinking..............

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Empathy for the suffering of a victim, does not have to lead to violence towards the offender. Even though that is very often how we feel at the time. (Believe me, I understand..)

    Violence does not heal anyone's emotional wounds.

    It does not benefit us, and does not help the victim to heal.

    Undoubtedly, cases of child abuse should move any normal person to take action.

    * Action to support and protect the survivors of abuse

    * Action to move towards a situation where it will not happen again.

    I agree that anger is one part of a normal and empathetic response.

    But we do not need to attack people to express our anger, or outrage.

    Modern society provides more healthy and constructive outlets for our anger.

  • smiddy

    Am I missing something here ?


  • Daniel1555

    Strange thread.

    I thought I would see something about the facial expression of justice Mc Clellan or Angus Stewart.

    I personally thought Jackson was showing some empathy with regard to BCG. I don't know if it was his true feelings though.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth


    The OP is suggesting (i think) that the example of a father beating up a guy who was molesting his son, shows how strongly we should hate child abuse.

    He was understandably driven by anger. The GB and the elders were, it is being suggested, not displaying feelings for the victims in Australia.

    Geoffrey Jackson sure as hell didn't show genuine feelings for the victims. He just wanted to use the opportunity to preach, he didn't even take the time to read BCG's statement.. saying that he cared about her and yet he would 'look forward to hearing a summary later'. He certainly took the time to prepare his speeches..

    Anyway, my post was just an attempt to offer a balancing kind of viewpoint, on a general level.

    We need to be moved by these things, but I don't want to condone unnecessary violence against offenders either.

  • Ruby456

    the thing is umbertoecho, victims (understandably) don't want to see a too clinical approach. But that is what is needed.

    Over here victims are calling the shots in the new inquiry because they have been silenced too long by governments that have have been paying more attention to poverty and neglect because hard evidence does show that poverty and neglect in general are more lethal to children than child sexual abuse (more children recover from this than from poverty and neglect). So it isn't that nothing was being done re child sexual abuse but that generally evidence showed and still shows that children recovered better from one than the other and our gov wanted to use limited resources to help as many as possible in the best possible way. Jehovhas witnesses imo sit uneasily here in this space as they are seen to help people who are neglectful of their children and focus on family stability which shows, according to evidence governments use, also helps children thrive.

    This is what I noticed when JWs were being question by the RC too ...that JWs sit in this uneasy space where family stability comes first so that it can benefit the whole family particulary when abuse has occurred. (this does not mean I agree)

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    By 'unnecessary violence', I meant all violence except what might be needed to save a child being molested. This is a tricky subject.

    Hope my posts made sense.

    (Daniel 1555.. even sociopaths can display empathy, but their actions reveal whether it is genuine. GJ's words were a well practiced speech, he did not even read her letter, and yet he claims that the Governing Body cares for each individual. )

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Would you rather suffer the physical violence or the emotional violence that will never go away? Did you see "Jared's Kids' the guy from Subway who had a charity for children, he kept almost all the money for himself to spend on making child porn and lewd acts with children. The violence done on children, the picture does not make me feel any sympathy for someone who will scar a child for life, until a rapist or sex offender violates a family member I think your going to change how you view violence on pedophiles after you see a victim of sexual abuse kill themselves after decades of blaming themselves for feeling worthless.

    That Pedophile was lucky they did not get killed like they do in some countries, in a naturalistic world we protect our children and eliminate the threat to our genes. Its easy as that, the violence done to victims of sexual abuse is far worse than any damage this freak got from the Dad, Bravo!

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth


    until a rapist or sex offender violates a family member I think your going to change how you view violence on pedophiles..

    Two members of my family have had this happen to them.

    Fortunately the offender is in jail.

    I said that the fathers reaction was understandable. But battering offenders does not solve the problem, and it does not help you or the victim.

    I would support a policy of lifetime imprisonment with hard labour, but that is probably another topic.

    in a naturalistic world we protect our children and eliminate the threat to our genes. Its easy as that..

    Modern society is attempting to move beyond Stone-Age justice. Thankfully we have neutral police forces that can lock these offenders away. If these matters were dealt with by family members, as in Bible times, I would probably have committed murder, and I'd likely be in a very dark place right now mentally. (And so would the family of the offender, having lost their son, father, grandfather etc. )

    We can take action, through political andlegal systems, to try to make changes to protect children in the future..

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