DALLAS, TX - this weekend anybody?

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  • waiting

    Hey COMF!

    This is a note to all about you - so please be kind in reply. Some of us are soooo curious about other posters. Even though we see their words, which usually are their thoughts, that's still one dimensional. It's nearly impossible to really know another just by posts, particularily if only known for a couple of months.

    So I'm gonna add to your dimensions......

    It is rare to find learned men who are clean, do not stink and have a sense of humour. Montesquieu

    COMF, another poster/reader who I had not posted to (Believer), COMF's girlfriend/mate/better half/whatever is political correct for this arrangement, and my husband & myself all had a great dinner together. COMF generously paid for all dinners, which was a fine gesture. Keep this in mind when other people look you up, COMF....

    We were then invited back to COMF's apartment since we all wanted to talk further, very nice apartment too. COMF's girlfriend has never been a jw, but she allowed me to talk on and on - and never fell asleep that I noticed. I knew from a previous post by COMF that his girlfriend was highly educated - but she made me feel comfortable immediately. Cute cat too, however I made the cat mad and it wouldn't come near me later in the evening (I have that effect sometimes.)

    We talked a lot about the blood issue with jw's, particularily the men. This is a topic that interests my husband, who doesn't have an interest in the web chat thing. But he sat for hours talking (men don't chat) with these men - and I think that was a great experience for him. I hope Believer chooses to post here, quite intelligent and interesting. Such a rare thing for xjw's to meet face-to-face and not have to hide.

    If y'all every get a chance to meet with each other, please consider it carefully. It's such a rare thing for most of us to be able to talk comfortably and freely with others who have the same background. Don't dismiss the opportunity lightly. However, I did ask Believer if he was a serial killer before having dinner with him. He assured me that he wasn't, so I felt it was ok.........joking aside, sensibilities should be considered also.

    Thank you, COMF, and your fine girlfriend, for your Texas-style hospitality. My husband and & I really, really enjoyed it.


  • COMF

    Thanks for the good report, Waiting! Here are the things that stuck with me after our visit.

    Like waiting, I found new dimensions through our meeting. Her attitude in person seems more confident, more positive and upbeat than what I had picked up from the board. And she took me by surprise with her attractiveness and tasteful attire. Not that I had thought of her as dumpy, mind you; just that in my mind, as with most people I've never seen, I had settled on something around the average mark. Not so in this case.

    Waiting's husband is a soft-spoken guy; so much so, in fact, that he and waiting swapped places at the restaurant to put him closer to Believer, who was having trouble understanding what he said (it was Friday night, and this is a large and very popular restaurant). But I felt at home with him right away; he reminded me of a couple of friends from my past, and his comments and witticisms convinced me that, at least on the topics we discussed, he and I were coming from the same place.

    Believer and I emailed back and forth a couple of years ago, when I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and had to undergo a prolonged treatment program with nasty side effects. He was a considerable comfort and encouragement to me then, and it warmed my heart to meet him in person. Here, also, my average expectations were not enough, as he turned out to be both big and tall, but without any appearance of being overweight. Thick, full head of silver hair and a trace of a northerner's accent. He also is soft-spoken, but when he speaks it's worth the listen.

    Nickie says she enjoyed the visit and is glad you came, and if you are down here again be sure to let us know so we can get together again.

    Also, I received an email from a former H2O poster who wanted to join us; unfortunately, I only got the email after the evening was over. So we'll need to arrange another Dallas Apostofest soon. Y'all come back, now... y'hear? :)


  • patio34

    Hey Waiting and Comf,

    Sounds as if you all had a great time at the 'apostofest!' Comf, you are a neologist (one who coins new words).

    I'm jealous :(


  • waiting

    Hey Patio,

    Sent you an e-mail that'll make my husband & I jealous of your friendships too. Quite an invite from who we know!

    Hey COMF,

    I asked my husband if he wanted to read your post as he was mentioned. Being quiet and manly, he said "No." So I walked away from the computer. As he was sitting down to the computer, he complained that he didn't know how to work our scroll feature. Yeah, right. "Thought you didn't want to read it?" He flipped me off.

    Anyway......after reading your and my posts, his only comment was "You've posted 2,250 times? What do you talk about??????" My response: "You."

    We had a good time - and I was greatly pleased that my honey could finally talk to some men. I bore him to death sometimes.

    Btw, read your response to my sister on another thread. Tough as nails, eh? I was wondering if you remembered our exchange a while back - wasn't going to be the first to bring it up, however. Glad you didn't either. You caught me offguard then. Now I'd just tell you to "hush up, fool."


  • COMF
    Now I'd just tell you to "hush up, fool."

    ...which would probably be the best thing you could say to me when I'm on a tear. Or at least, the most appropriate. LOL


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