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  • AlanF

    : Now happy to rock in the pleasant boat of uncertainty and infinite possibility,

    What a great way to put it, Sandra!

    JWs, especially ones "raised in the truth", are usually like small children who think they know it all, but are so ignorant of their own ignorance that they're arrogant about it. But intelligent people find that the more they learn, the more they realize they don't know, because of those infinite possibilities. To me and Juliann (my wife), this uncertainty is surprisingly settling. Learning this, in my long spiritual journey away from mind-numbing religious ideas, has been humbling.


  • Mum

    Thanks, MY and Al for your appreciation. Yes, MY, there is lots of room in this boat, but the waters get rough and fellow rowers get testy, but it's all worth it when we discover new vistas beyond what we could have imagined. Grab an oar and hop in!

    My daughter recently graduated from university (YAY!) On her graduation announcements was the quotation that goes something like "To discover new lands, one must risk losing sight of the shore." Another quotation I saw on a poster once was, "A ship is safe sitting in the harbor, but that is not what ships were built for."



  • Abaddon

    "Well, for example, one of the posts today is from someone who's asking for help to get back to "the truth". He stated he had a bad drug and alcohol problem and thought getting Jehovah back in his life was what he needed. I posted a reply saying, in essence, that would simply be replacing drugs and alcohol with something else which would control his life. Now while that may not be untrue, it didn't really address the issue in a very helpful way. So, was I really trying to help or just take a poke at the WBTS? (Just a rhetorical question?)"

    Oh, I think that's fine; I'd of answered much along the same lines myself. I think sometimes you get people who don't check their facts ('Witnesses in Vampire Conspiracy'), and some people who are a few sandwitches short of a picnic. But in general, I think the 'Apostate Scum' (tm) play far more nicely than the Borg.

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  • Gizmo

    I too at times have noticed less than fair comments, about the (b)org here, (I am not prepared to elaborate.)

    However there are some that are outstandingly accurate.

    IMO, if we undertake to accuse someone, anyone of something, we should have proof, to me heresay is not enough to convict anyone, we all at times tend to exagerate, and sensationalise, however if we manufacture lies, and twist things out of context, then we become as guilty as those in the (b)org who take the lead. We too, like the (b)org will lose credibility, which in turn will not assist those leaving the (b)org, who are seeking help.

    No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, and most here like myself are angry at the goings on in the (b)org, however I personally will not manufacture stories, for the sake of revenge. At times this paints me as a sympathiser, but those that know me personally, know that is definately NOT the case.

    Good Post.



    No secret. At one time, I was very much a Borg-basher. I took no consideration of anyones feelings or opinions. I'd be like a bull in a china shop. No, I didn't play fair.

    The anger and bashing was a result; in my opinion, my inability to take responsibility for my own actions and reasons for joining the WTBTS in the first place.

    I can understand some of my anger, but I have had to let go of it, because it is like a cancer that'll eat you from the inside out.

    I do not like the WTBTS, but I do remember (YES) that some of the people on the inside, unfortunately, honestly and seriously believe everything that they are part of as a JW. When I was a part of it, uh-huh...I was going along whole heartedly.

    Thankfully, due to many reasons, I was able to remove the blinders off of my own eyes, and leave.

    It has taken me awhile to come to terms with my 7 to 8 years as a JW, almost 20 years later. But, I think I can find humour in it, and some occasional sarcasm.

    The general mood overall, from what I have seen on this forum, is generally upbeat, informative, up-to-date, and HELPFUL, catering to many different needs.

    I am liking it, alot. Even after almost 20 years, it is helping me considerably.

    Great topics. Great minds. Great wealth of information sharing by many.

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