I am the very model of a modern major general ...

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  • wifibandit
  • wifibandit

    Charles T. Russell, Commander


    Vintage Freemason Compilation Collinsworth Family Album

    Commander of the Kinght's Of The Maccabees ?? Charles T. Russell sure liked joining funny clubs. To bad JW's didn't get the cool hats!

  • cappytan

    I wanna be commander of the Knights of the Macaroons...

  • pixel
  • wifibandit

    It has come to my attention (thanks opinionmill) that the guy in the book is not the same as the guy in the funny hat:

    Might not be the same guy, unfortunately. Charles T. Russell was born May 17, 1853, at Grand Ledge, Eaton county, Michigan. Ol' Taze was born a year earlier in Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
    Source: Past and Present of Isabella County, Michigan

    I stand by the funny hat statement.

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat
    Not our C. T. Russell, wrong county, a place he never lived. But keep looking.
  • rebelfighter
    You are on the right track. That is the correct hat for the Royal Commandry and the correct uniform. The crown and cross on the original Watchtower magazine is used by a couple of the Masonic groups. If you go to a Masonic Lodge which currently host an active chapter of the Royal Commandry you would be able to see lots of those funny hats on the men.
  • disfellowshipped1
    Photoshop? Look at the shading angle on his face compared to his hand and sachet. Opposite angles.
  • wifibandit

    Bad photoshop:

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