A small update on the ongoing investigation by the Royal Commission

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  • umbertoecho

    I think you people would like to know that since the public hearing has finished. There has been ongoing contact made to me by the staff at the RC. They have been inundated with calls and the same experiences or similar ones are being related.

    The staff are not backwards in coming forwards with insights that they have shared. For example, some of the people who have called in are suddenly getting these "Shepherding Calls". Quite a few actually, so I was told. Many of these people are a bit intimidated or wondering what to do. They are given advice and follow up calls to make sure they are handling things okay.

    This advice includes their legal right, there rights as individuals, the right not to feel in some way intimidated by this sudden interest in their waning faith. Not once have I been cast off or left wondering what was going on behind the scenes. The lines are constantly busy in the aftermath of this particular RC.

    I have complete trust since these follow up's are not a one off thing. People are asking for help and getting it......

  • LostGeneration

    By shepherding calls do you mean the elduhs are calling back on these people?

    Or do you mean the RC is following up and taking care of them...I'm guessing the latter.

  • umbertoecho
    Elders from the congregations are doing shepherding calls. Some who have phoned the RC are saying this is happening. I don't know the figures though.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Elders from the congregations are doing shepherding calls. Some who have phoned the RC are saying this is happening

    When you say 'shepherding calls' do you mean as in "do you believe the GB is the faithful slave?" or shepherding calls that actually try to help survivors?

  • Xanthippe
    Thanks Umbertoecho that's good to know that the calls are still coming in. By the way how do the elders get to know people have contacted the ARC?
  • sparrowdown

    I am confident something will come of this.

    Thanks for the update, I had a feeling of let down after case 29 concluded, not because I felt nothing was accomplished, on the contrary, I think it has started a ball rolling that will continue to gather speed.

    It just stirred up the memories of what it was like being a female in the cong and having no voice.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Nice to know. I'm very impatient for an outcome/ruling.
  • Dumplin

    umbertoecho :

    I could give you a big hug right now.

    I've been hoping for a post like this. you just made my day.

    The RC sees WT for what it is now... a pathetic excuse of a Christian religion. WT must know this is how others are viewing them now, hence the sudden surge in "shepherding calls" if that's what you want to call them. They wouldn't know how to undue the damage they have done if their lives depended on it. Geoffrey Jackson wants the RC to see to it that a law is passed forcing them to do the right thing. But finally people have someone they can actually trust.

    Sounds like this thing is starting to snowball now...just what i wanted to hear!

    Thanks for posting and please keep us updated on what you hear further.

  • umbertoecho
    I don't know what sort of shepherding is being done. It may be with a cattle prod for all I know. I think the RC just caused a bit of a reaction here in that they may be looking up some of those "women or men" who suffered or have faded. Not sure at all......still, in all it's good to know things are ticking along......
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Are the 'shepherding' calls being made to victims of abuse only or are they 'shepherding' calls to anyone who's inactive? I'm sure the elders and Bethel have extensive files on the victims and can probably single them out from amongst the "great crowd" of inactives.

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