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  • Listener

    One of my favourite Youtubers, Winston from Jamaca (Watchtower Examination) has provided some feedback from Jacko's testimony at the Victorian Royal Commission. He examines only part of the testimony and brings up some interesting points.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    He does a great job of hammering away at the GB and Jackson's obfuscation of the truth. A bit long but gets it done.

    I just love the accent if not his eloquence in putting this across !

  • DesirousOfChange

    A bit long but gets it done.

    I'll just have to trust you that he "gets it done" as I'm not wasting 42 minutes on this BS.


  • Listener

    Wasanelder Once your point is taken so I will list out his main points for those that don't want to listen to the whole video because he raises some points that have not already been mentioned on this forum.

    RC asks Jackson if they are Jesus disciples or equivalent. Jackson states that they certainly hope to follow Jesus in being his disciples.

    Winston explains that unlike other religions it is only the anointed who claim to be Jesus' disciples, only they are Christi's brothers and the other sheep have to submit to them and it is only by their support of the anointed that they can hope to have salvation. In this way they are going beyond just hoping that they are his disciples because the lives of the r&f depend on it. Contrary to Jacksons comments the majority of JWs do not humbly hope that they are being Christ's disciples,

    Jackson makes the claim that as per Mathew 24 there would be an FDS in the last days and he sees themselves as trying to humbly fulfil that role.

    Winston again points out that the claim that they are hoping to fill that role is misleading. They don't see themselves as merely trying to fulfil the role of fds. Rather it is an appointment made by Jesus himself in 1919 after doing an inspection of all other religions and all JWs believe that this appointment was made. He likens Jackson's words to being like a wolf in sheeps clothing, appearing humble rather than the 'pious, puffed up, conceited attitude present by the GB in its view of being that slave. Rather than viewing themselves as hoping to fulfil that role there are countless incidents where they boast of fulfilling that role. He provides publications in which they have done so.

    RC - Do you see yourselves as God's spokespeople? Jackso's reply - that would seem to be quite persumptious to say that we were the only spokesperson that God is using.

    Winston's take on this is that all JWs see themselves as being the only organization that God is using, God's one and only channel and the only ones with any hope of being saved. Therefore he wasn't referring to other religions he was referring to other's in the congregation however he only attributed them as having the ability to help and comfort others. But giving help and comfort to others is not tantamount to being God's spokesperson.. Any other JW who claimed that they were God's spokesperson and brought a different understanding to the congregation than that taught by the FDS would be disfellowshipped. Not even a GB member who became conscience stricken because of the teachings could dare to speak out without being disfellowshipped as seen in the case of Ray Franz. Anyone who disagrees with doctrine must wait on Jehovah.

    Winston states that Jackson is fully aware of the fact that they would not even consider the notion of there being other spokespersons in the congregation. Therefore he lied in suggesting that there may be others in the congregation who are spokespersons and at best they could only be spokespersons for the GB.

    Regarding the claim by Jackson that there would be a FDS appointed in the last days as per Matt 24 Winston states this is a lie and the scriptures do not state this but appreciates that it is beyond the Commission to argue scripture. Jackson also points out the belief of two groups, one with a heavenly and another with an earthly and again he is lying. These points are easily verifiable by just reading the quotes he cites from the bible.

    Then Jackson makes the claim that he was appointed onto the GB because of his spiritual qualifications.

    RC - Do you see yourselves as being appointed by Jehovah God or under his capacity? Jackson - What we see ourselves as is fellow workers with our Brothers and Sisters We have been given a responsibility to be Guardians of our Doctrine. Just as elders have been referred to being appointed by HS .. meaning being in harmony with what the bible says or is required by an is the same for a GB member.

    Winston points out that Jackson is suggesting that their level of appointment (GB) by HS is on par with that of elders who may not even be anointed. However, this is how they really view themselves

    W 67 Oct 1 "Jehovah poured out his spirit upon them and assigned them the responsibility as serving as his sole visible channel, through whom alone spiritual instruction was to come"

    They do not even see themselves as fellow workers with the others but they are masters, they are leaders whom 'the other sheep symbolically walk behind the anointed slave class and its GB following their lead' W 2007 4/1

    Winston points out the Jackson was a member of the GB and the writing committee when that was published. Then they also talk about others as being helpers, not fellow workers but helpers working with the GB.

    Jws are taught that they cannot understand the bible without the FDS and they have to be in humble submission. This isn't a situation where they are all fellow workers.

    The humble lamb like picture that Jackson presented brings to mind the lamb like beast spoken of Rev 13. It is clear that the GB is quite pious about its appointment as both the FDS and the only channel that God is using and has no problem in establishing this in their publications. But when it comes to presenting himself before the public he is trying to cover up his true attitude and as such is part of the organizations DNA. They did the same when a whistleblower identified them as being associated with the UN, they lied and said it was simply to gain access to the UN library. They did the same in Mexico where they lied in saying they were not a religion but a culture and elected not to use the bible or prayer in meetings and that their baptisms were not religious but cultural. All this was done simply to retain ownership of property. For real estate purposes the organization was prepared to cover up its identity.

    In his final comments Winston states that if Mr Jackson, under oath would seek to cover up something of which it often boasts, something that is of public knowledge, prevalent in their publications, can he be trusted to be forthcoming about matters than are not known publicly, matters or grave embarrassment, inside secrets? An example would be about victims being disfellowshipped for one reason or another.

  • Dagney
    Well done.
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Well done Winston, and well done listener for summarising it so well.

    It may be long winded, but it's a treasure trove of quotes if the subject ever comes up.


    Also keep in mind that the "evil slave" is hypothetical according to the FDS. So the humble men trying to fulfill the role of FDS, not only claim they were definitely appointed/chosen by Jesus, but it is impossible for them to lose that appointment according to themselves and whatever "false religious" commentary they quote. That is a far cry from merely trying to follow Jesus the best you can.

    How humble! They are the most humble collective in all of human history! Don't believe it, just ask them! I guess its " Once SLAVED, always SLAVED!"


  • Dumplin

    2010 WT: "A few anointed members of the "Israel of God" still remain, and as Jesus brothers, they continue to act as ambassadors "substituting" for Christ - 2cor 5:20. They have been appointed as a faithful and discreet slave class to care for and provide spiritual food for anointed ones and a growing crowd of Christians."
    WT Jan 15,2010, p31, par14

    They see themselves as deserving the Complete Trust of all of jws.

    2009 WT: "Since Jehovah God and Jesus Christ completely trust the faithful and discreet slave, should we not do the same?"
    WT Feb15, 2009, p24, par3

    No other group of Christians is so pious and self-righteous to say that God trusts them COMPLETELY! It is an incredibly conceited statement.

    But the big lie in Jackson's testimony said: "We view ourselves as trying to fulfill that role."

    Jackson was fully aware of what has been published for several decades. He is on the Writing Committee.

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