Why is my Uncle (JW PO-COBE) and Aunt Cruella suing my parents and grandparents?

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  • AudeSapere

    RoH wrote: One area that use to bug me was my friends were getting 1099'ed by JW Contractors because the JWs did not want to pay Social Security payroll tax or Worker's Compensation so they paid these employees $10.00 telling them "I am paying you $1.00 above Minimum Wage, so you cover your WC and payroll tax!"

    If in California, you can call EDD (Employment Development Department) and report this illegal practice. You do not have to be the one who was employed. If you know of this practice, you can report the offending 'employer'.

    I think the same may be true in other states as well.

  • ReligionOfHatred

    In our congregation it was a Pool Cleaner, Window Washer and Janitor outsourcing their jobs and claiming their employees were subcontractors, I learned quick to quit any JW job or have any work with JWs and got a internship that's a blast! I registered to Vote, believe a Christian can vote because there is more proof that good Christians were active in all the various, different communities making life better. The JW form of Christianity is not based off the First to Fifth Century, they only take and their gift to the starving and widows s a tract! A fact you might not be aware of, if you lived by a real Christian in the early period of the church your chances of survival increased exponentially, now I can't say that about the Witnesses because they don't help the poor, they are the working poor trying to live off Satan's System and frown on helping charity. Those doctors that did not die from Ebola Virus, I had several JWs tell me "I wish they died because they would have gotten a resurrection!"

    You know that part of the statement is true if you have any time being a Witness, how often would you hear Witnesses say "Oh, if only they died, they could have gotten a Resurrection of the unrighteous!" Well, according to the Governing Body's testimony in Australia "Jehovah's Witnesses are not God's only Channel, did you catch that? I heard someone say that Aussie brother was hired by Australia to help consult the Royal Court, where are all the lies coming from? Lies, dishonest, anti-Christ behavior, that's what sums up this religion and why I am sick of Organized Religion now!

  • smiddy

    Is it just me ? or am I being paranoid ?

    Just saying


  • Vidiot

    So, it's not enough to ostracize them for leaving the WT, they feel compelled to punish them further by suing them blind.

    Damn; I thought I had a vindictive streak.

  • Vidiot

    smiddy - "Is it just me? or am I being paranoid?"

    Yes, and yes.

    Doesn't mean you're wrong, though.

  • JWdaughter
    Go to attorneys and don't worry about the JW aspect of any of this. Don't worry about abuses or drills. This is a property issue. Deal with it strictly as such or you will never get justice because all that personal stuff will just jam up the legal muckiness that already exists. The personal stuff is between people who obviously don't give a crap for each other. Its no longer about family, so just get a hotdog lawyer and resolve this stupid situation and don't ever get yourself mixed up with such a thing if you can help it in the future.
  • ReligionOfHatred

    Dad just screamed at their lawyer now, they gave mom, dad, grandpa and granda 30 days to get a appraisal. They had agreed to buy Uncle Jaundice out on the 18th of July, financing was interesting because dad and granny had their SSNs stolen, so Uncle Jaundice and Cruella are lying about them saying they can't afford their house!

    Should I post their bankruptcy on the internet?

  • ReligionOfHatred
    I thought this was a website of support, is my situation not glamour enough or you all just use to high profile Pedophile cases? The way my Aunt marched the man who sexually abused my mom when she was 4 years old to 7 years old through my mom's yard is wrong, can't you see it? How come nobody talk's about how wicked this people are and how wrong it is to bring a pedophile through the yard of a victim on a daily basis? I thought you were good comforters, not Job's companions, prove me wrong please!
  • Stealth

    You have been given some great support here. In case you missed it....

    Get a good lawyer to protect your families interests.

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Hi Stealth, got off the phone like you recommended, I called a lawyer that teaches b-law at school(he teach's business law) and he said my parents lawyer fight's dirty, I did listen to your advice and wisdom.

    How can I make known to the community this JW Aunt Cruella(You know here) and Uncle Jaundicie(You know him too) are shunning their elderly faithful parents and accusing them of being apostates? Their wicked, can I call the tax authorities about their perjury on their property taxes too or do you think the County would not be interested in knowing they overbuilt and doubled their size of their house illegally?

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