Just lost one more friend

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  • paradisebeauty

    I used to talk weekly on skype, with a sister from another country.

    I didn't tell her much about my research and change of beliefs, until today ... In the conversations some doctrines came up and I told her I don't believe 1914, first, then I went on to tell her that I also don't believe there are 2 classes of christians, that I did not believe the government of the kingdom will be in heaven while the kingdom en earth, that I believe the whole kingdom will be on earth, and that from what I read, Jesus was pretty clear that He will come back to earth, visibly.

    The "God always had an organization" dogma was dropped and I told her it is not true, out of 9000 years of human history, It's not sure there were 1000 years when God had a loyal organization ....

    I did not plan to tell her all this things, but it just happened, and things came up in the conversation... and once I dropped one bomb I dropped them all ...

    She said I do not sound like I am one of the Jehovah's Witnesses any more ... and even though we ended the call with "see ya" I have the feeling I will not hear from her any more ...

    I am sad, really sad ...

  • babygirl30
    Im sorry about this...I guess we get SO excited to have someone we can 'express' our beliefs to - that it scares them off. Ironically, they feel they can express themselves to everyonr else, and no one bats an eye
  • FayeDunaway
    Pb, I am sorry. Hopefully some of your points will get through to her with a little more time. Or she may just cloud them out, because it's easier. It's hard losing friends, people who have cared about you and who you care about. <3
  • freemindfade

    Sorry to hear that. It's sad. I can relate. It's so wierd telling someone facts or rational things and having them go from friend to hater so fast because of it.

    They can't see the irony of going to someone else's house and saying they know the truth about say...hellfire...then trying to share it with them. But if you, try to show them the truth about say...1914...well you are Satan. Sorry

  • Zoos

    Awakening to the reality of this cult is a multi-faceted attack.

    Losing those we care about is perhaps the most painful aspect. I've been having a bit of a go-'round with that part of it myself lately... and I've been out 5 years now.

    Mostly it get better. But sometimes you just have to sit with the pain.

  • ToesUp


    It is sad. Very sad. To loose a friend is painful. Unfortunately, she was not really your friend. Friends give you unconditional love.

    I have several "friends" that do not know that I no longer attend or believe in the JW belief system. I have tried to prepare myself for the day when they are aware of this. I am sure that I will cry a few tears and I will feel awful that I lost them but I will realize that they really were not my friends if they no longer want me around. I was fully aware of this fact before I made me exit. My spouse and I went through the "what if's" before we left.

    Hang in there. Hugs to you!

  • LostGeneration

    Sorry to hear that your friend is probably gone. You are correct, once you start talking its tough to stop that train.

    Who knows, maybe she will think about the things you stated.

  • LongHairGal

    I am sorry for your loss of a friend.

    I am learning that when you exit the JW religion you can and will lose those who you thought were your friends.

    I also learned (paradoxically) that you can ALSO lose friends who are ex-JWs when you are an ex-JW yourself.

  • umbertoecho

    PB. Oh dear. I do get it though. You were just bursting with information and had to tell her. I found it so hard to agree with my sister that it came to a nasty head in the end. She is so utterly devout that it is like a ....a......mad indoctrination going on inside her head all the time. It has devoured what ever her true personality might have been. I recall vaguely a time when she was full of fun. No more..No more humour,....and no more having her even in a limited way as a sister.

    It feels devastating when someone dumps us, because we don't tow the line. Strange isn't it, how even a long distance friend dropping out of your life can hurt so much?

    I hope you find another three or four open and honest people to speak with and be carefree with. It will not happen within the confines of this religion though....

  • Tenacious

    It's hard to stay composed when you know your friend is experiencing deceit by a very sinister organization.

    At times, I also have to catch myself from doing the same with my family. I take comfort in the following words of our Lord Christ in John 16:33:

    "I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world!" ~ New Revised Standard Version

    .....that includes the Watchtower Society.

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