Royal Commission taking our emails to heart

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  • wannaexit

    During the proceedings of Australian Royal Commission, as many of you, I also took time to share with the office of Mr Stewart, my thoughts and perspective on what what being said and not said by the witness elders on the stand.

    Within a day a received a reply from office of Angus Stewart thanking and appreciating the insight from those on the "inside". Yesterday I received a further email that my correspondence was passed on to Case Study 29 (Jehovah's Witnesses) team for their consideration.

    It sounds like they are taking all our collective experience and knowledge into account as the commission continues its work.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I also received an email of gratitude for the info I gave them. They must have had thousands of those emails. I'm surprised they had time to read and respond to them all. They must have a lot of helpers in their team.

    I thought their investigation of the JWs was over. What are they doing right now?

  • ToesUp

    What is so amazing about this is, almost all of us on this site (other sites as well) do not feel like our feelings and thoughts are taken into consideration. We feel as if we have no voice. I think the RC made so many feel as if someone was listening to them. FINALLY...someone was listening! We received an email in response to something we sent to Mr. Stewart. It was truly shocking to have someone actually acknowledge us. WOW! The JW's NEVER respond, they only interrogate.

    Thank you Mr. Stewart and the RC. This really means so much to so many.

  • Illuminated

    Yes, I'm a nonJW with a cult victim loved one who was sexually abused. I'm not in Austrilia.

    They called me back and wanted further details including the exact congregation address of where it took place which is in the US.

  • LisaRose
    Yes, it's amazing. These people get it, more than you would have thought possible. Other government organizations just look at individual cases here or there that are limited due to statute of limitations or other problems. The royal commission sees the bigger picture, that there is a systemic problem, ant it's not about the actions of a few people, it's the leadership that has consistently failed to protect children for their own selfish needs.
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    That kind of attention to detail and the concern, care and response of the Australian RC will never happen in the bureacratic U.S.A.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I also wrote the Royal Commission, and just recently received a reply only 12 days later.

    I am not from Australia, not a victim, yet they thanked me for my input, and that it would be considered by the Royal Commission.

    How can this "worldly" organization, who never knew me, be so much more considerate and caring than the organization that demanded so much of my life in every aspect?

    I truly am grateful for not only all of their efforts and time invested into revealing who the WT really is, but for their care and concern for all of those who have been hurt by them.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    You think the RC would reveal how many emails they received ? I for

    one received two emails from the RC with in a couple of days. I was thinking it

    took cha ching 12 days to receive an replay, maybe there were many..

  • smiddy

    I also sent an e-mail to Angus Stewart and team thanking them for the way they conducted the Royal Commission / Jehovah`s Witnesses .Child sexual abuse.

    I too received an e-mail back within two days thanking me for my input and that they hoped to make a difference for those victims .

    Of course this Royal Commission was primarily started as an investigation into the Roman Catholic Churches mis-handling of sex abuse cases .

    The Catholic Church felt they were being victimized by being the only one to be investigated and insisted other organizations should also be included . (Thank you Catholic Church )

    And that is why Jehovah`s Witnesses and other institutions are also part of this inquiry , e.g. Salvation Army , Boy Scouts , etc.etc.,

    So , for people outside of Australia , this is not just about J.W.`s , it`s an enormous task covering abuse by many organizations both religious and secular , and it is not going to be over soon .

    Don`t expect anything of any significance to happen before the next 3 years .

    However the good news is , it`s a start .It`s a first step in the right direction .And positive things will come out of this , I have no doubt.

    My point is , don`t get despondent if nothing seems to happen in the next few months or even the next couple of years . Justice , if it is going to happen won`t take place overnight.


    Sorry , but I think this should be a post in it`s own right for our friends outside of Australia so they wont be expecting too much to happen in the near future.


  • notsurewheretogo

    I too sent an email thanking Angus Stewart, I gave him no info, just appreciation for his methods and preparation...I told him if he ever visited the UK he would have a fair few friends to call on...

    Like others he too personally replied thanking me for my kind words.

    Incredible man.

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