Was this crazy crap going on in your hall as well?

by Crazyguy 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Crazyguy
    So any way I wonder if this kinda of activity is the norm in halls? My wife has my youngest boy calling an older couple in the hall grampa and grandma, my oldest daughter called another older brother grandpa, and the MS that is studying with my two oldest boys on the down low (like I don't know), he's calling g them his boys. What the He'll?

    Yes. I had some Elder tell me that he was jealous for my kid, in a Godly way. Translation: I want to be a better father than you, because you aren't good enough.

    I made it clear that no Elder will ever know my child as well as I do. You should too. Put a stop to that shit, right now.


  • cappytan

    There was this one elder in our hall all the kids called "Uncle Billy."

    In retrospect, it was kind of creepy, although he wasn't really a creep.

  • freemindfade

    Did Uncle Billy like to sell popsicles?

  • OverlappingGeneralizations
    "Daddy, how come Uncle Billy's service van doesn't have any windows?"
  • ctrwtf
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Yes anyone more than 10 years older was an auntie or uncle. Also see here
  • iconoclastic
    Yes, I have heard such expressions in the Kingdom Halls
  • Sabin
    Yes I agree with cappytan on this. IT IS ABSOLUTLY WRONG. In this day & age & especially with what we have just witnessed with the R.C there is no way your children should be referring to anybody this way, unless they are long standing friends or members of the family. My kid`s are in their 20`s now, even 15yrs ago I never aloud it, I made it clear "you are not their auntie or uncle. Pissed off some of the oldies but I didn't care. You need to protect your children. & no I`m not being extreme, I`ve seen it happen & the consequences have been terrible for the families involved. Adults that tell kids to mind there elders are putting them in a lions den. If others don't like it that you say no to this then tell them to SOD OFF! your kids are first
  • Mephis
    Same as Mickey mouse for me growing up. Uncles and aunties.

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