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  • Tornintwo

    I've been reading about different types of emotional abuse to help me define and cope with my difficult marriage, came across this article : 7 Ways a Person can be Abused, by a Psychologist

    Includes forms of 'Spiritual abuse' - these sound familiar?

    Spiritual Abuse. Has the victim experienced:

    • Dichotomous Thinking – Dividing people into two parts. Those who agree with them and those who don’t. They make fun of, belittle, and show prejudice towards other beliefs.
    • Elitists – Refusing to associate with people or groups they consider impure or unholy.
    • Submission – Requires that others completely adopt their point of view. There is no room for differing opinions or questioning their authority. Name calling, chastising, and the silent treatment are common maneuvers into compliance.
    • Labeling – People who don’t comply with their beliefs are seen as disobedient, rebellious, lacking faith, demons, or enemies of the faith.
    • Public Performance – Demand perfection and happiness at all times. Religious activities such as attending church have extreme demands, excessive expectations, and rigidity.
    • Legalistic – Strict adherence to their rules and regulations are commanded with absolute statements about insignificant issues such as hair color or style. Non-compliance is met with severe discipline and even excommunication.
    • Segregation – Use secrecy or withholds information to a few select worthy individuals. Estrangement from extended family members and friends outside of the religion. This includes shunning, alienation, or persecution.
    • Blind Obedience – Is expected. They have replaced religion with themselves and people are expected to worship them.
    • Abuse of Authority – Use position or authority to connive for their personal benefit which is often financial. They justify the behavior by saying they deserve it.
    • Fraud – Engaging in criminal misconduct or cover up the transgressions of others in the name of their religion. This includes covering up sexual abuse, physical abuse, financial felonies, and misdemeanors.
  • WingCommander
    Ding-Ding! Do you smell what the cults are cookin'?
  • stuckinarut2
    Wow! What a great article and list!
  • blondie
  • Oubliette

    Let's review ...

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    It really is a good article, thanks.
  • dubstepped

    @Oubliette - .....Oooh, oooh, it's a cult!

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Good stuff, I've always though of it as Spiritual Abuse, good article will forward some friends.


  • Vidiot
    I think realizing that the WTS is an abusive organization (spiritually or otherwise) is one of the more significant thresholds that an XJW can cross.
  • LongHairGal

    Yes, I would have to say that being in the JWs was like being in an abusive relationship!

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