NWT is soooo inaccurate....

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  • Dumplin

    No one in their right mind would trust the New World Translation - simply because of the deceptive nature of Jws.

    Their own 'Insight Book' says that they are under no obligation to "divulge truthful information to people who are not entitled to it." I don't have time to list all of WT lies over the past 100 years, but evidence is abundant. They publish pure nonsense. They are serial liars. They cannot be trusted.

    How could they dare publish a translation of the Bible and not tell who the translators are? Is that something WT feels that their readers are not entitled to also?

    They did not want the world to know that they were not qualified to do ANY translation. Also, that they had relied on the spiritualist Johannes Greber's translation.

    Also, an interesting observation by Dr. Bruce Metzer of Princeton University: "if JWs take this translation serious, they are polytheists."

    Aside from any examples that prove the erroneous translation of the NWT, most rank and file JWs still feel theirs is the best, most accurate translation possible.
  • steve2

    Their orignal written rationale for not naming the individuals who were involved in producing the New World translation in the early 1950s (?) was to prevent named authors getting the glory that belonged exclusively to Jehovah.

    That is a stupendously hubristic thing for a religious organization to make early in the release of the orginal NWT. Hide authors' names because they will be praised and attention will no longer be on Jehovah! WTF?! This line is lame coming from an organization that seizes upon and promotes any external accounts in which JWs are praised.

    Besides, the organization would have known even back then that it is crucial to name authors so their qualifications - or lack of them - can be assessed and their work critically judged. In point of fact, across the decades the NWT has attracted so much negative press. I imagine that press would be even more negative were the actual authors named and their "qualifications" laid bare for all to see.

    False humility is worse that pride.

  • alcyone

    they claim NWT committee cannot be shown because they do not want to shift praise toward the committee members, but if you look to instagram you see tons of photos with gb members - literally worship of these rock stars...

  • nonjwspouse

    they claim NWT committee cannot be shown because they do not want to shift praise toward the committee members, but if you look to instagram you see tons of photos with gb members - literally worship of these rock stars...

    Yes alcyone, plus the committee is already known through a court hearing. It was made public knowladge, and the inadequacy of those translators also made known. (Recorded in Ray Franz's Book "Crisis of Conscience" for one)

    Yes, the WTBTS tried to hide behind plenty, such as anonymity in their writings, so they can not be pinned down to them when it comes back to bite them. Just look at the RC in Australia and the level of "forgetfulness" and "not my area" and passing the buck.

    Look at how much the WTBTS do not put in print, only to send letter after letter to "adjust" or "recommend" and sometimes in those special meetings/schools the elders or MS write down in the margins what the WTBTS legally doesn't want to be seen in print.

    Of course the GB wants praise, they soak it up! they parade themselves around, signing Bibles, on the screen at KH assemblies, now even televangelists on JWTV! Not signing what they write is purely a legal move.

    BTW Birdie, I knew you would have the good info in Dr BeDuhn to post in this thread. :-)

  • Tenacious
    You don't have to be a translator but you can clearly see how the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has changed the bible to devalue Jesus

    This is very true. It's interesting that the Bible is full of statements of having "faith in Jesus" even Christ says it on multiple occasions yet the Governing Bitches refuse to acknowledge this.

    Again, these Bitches don't want to detract from their worship luster as acting in the capacity of Jesus and speaking for Jehovah.

  • Nitty-Gritty

    You do know that that the app that goes with the NWT has the Byington, American Standard and King James parallel translations don't you? Many JWs use it and find it very useful when trying to get an accurate meaning for some difficult to understand scriptures. It has even been recommended to do this when doing personal study. JWs have never turned their noses up at other translations. And they had used the King James Version for a long time....

    Also: "In addition to the New World Translation, the Society has printed on its own presses or has commissioned the printing of the following Bible translations: the American Standard Version, The Bible in Living English, The Emphatic Diaglott, Holman’s Linear Parallel Edition, the King James Version (including the Bible Students Edition), and The New Testament Newly Translated and Critically Emphasized, Second Edition" -- WT 2009 5/1 p.25

    ".....Theocratic Ministry School library at the Kingdom Hall provides means for research in publications that might not otherwise be available. Thus, it should be well equipped with a variety of Bible translations......" --KM 4/97 Question Box

    The biggest reason for JWs using the NWT is that it has Gods name in it: All scriptures inspired and beneficial says on p. 327: "...... a number of modern Bible translations have been published that have done much to help lovers of God’s Word to get to the sense of the original writings quickly. However, many translations have eliminated the use of the divine name from the sacred record. On the other hand, the New World Translation dignifies and honors the worthy name of the Most High God by restoring it to its rightful place in the text."

  • Wonderment

    Some comments on this post are valid, others not so much.

    Yes, the WT is guilty of taking the role of mediatorship that belongs only to Christ. (John 14.6) At times, some renderings in the NWT describing the role of Jesus Christ are sadly weakened, compared to other translations that seek to bolster Christ's deity.

    Other times, apparent errors are called out against the NWT when other versions strangely don't get the same criticisms even when they render similarly to the NWT.

    Someone pointed out that Heb. 13.17 ("obedient") is one example of NWT not adhering to the Greek original. However, Greek words, as is true of words in other languages may have different meanings or nuances in different contexts. Such is the case of the word "peithō" (convince, persuade) found in Heb 13.17. The Greek verb here is the imperative passive followed by the dative, a construction which can be understood to mean as one of its meanings: "Be obedient to..." So says the Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament: "(c) obey, follow, with the dative of person or thing (HE 13.17)." Digging a little will show that many other translators render the phrase just as the NWT does... ASV, Darby, ESV, Mounce, etc.

    Another poster brought up that Dr. Trevor Allin (Baptist) questioned Dr. BeDuhn's credentials. What is the purpose of this? To prove that BeDuhn was incompetent in his review of the NWT? The truth is that Allin was not fair to BeDuhn in his lengthy article, nor was his criticism based on a balanced presentation of facts.

  • berrygerry

    That clearly indicates that Jesus was not made , so could not be an angel .By adding the word " other " they are lumping Jesus in with created things .

    WTS used to boast about Russell's study methods, which were to have NO PRECONCEIVED IDEAS, and to let the Bible speak for itself.

    The NWT was created because of the preconceived ideas affecting all other translations.

    ( WT June 1, 1969 However, at times translators betray unfaithfulness to the original text. )

    It is therefore interesting following the evolution of WTS manipulation, esp. with the word [other] in Colossians, blithely stating that the word "other" should be inserted to make the verses make sense - but, at least, they had a disclaimer with words in [ ] that were added by Freddy.

    The 2013 NWT however just disposes of the [ ] and leaves the words stand alone as though they were part of the original Greek.


    Re: the origin of the word Jehovah that was in the Aid book - why did WTS remove that important piece of history from the Insight book?

  • Nitty-Gritty


    "Re: the origin of the word Jehovah that was in the Aid book - why did WTS remove that important piece of history from the Insight book"?

    You mean that it was coined by some Catholic monk? I have no idea, I would have left it there.

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