Greatest quote in this century by a Governing Body member!

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  • Crazyguy

    Not only does he say it would be arrogant of him to state only he and his group are the only channel of communication from god but goes on to admit others maybe as well. WHAT??

    Bro, where have you been??? LOL!!!
  • clarity
    Snarky ...thanks for the little clip! An amazing statement isn't it ......remember those words if you end up in a JC ....when they ask if you believe the gb is gods only representative on earth today!!!!!!!! Such an assho$e... just hung himself!
  • millie210

    Thanks Crazy Guy!

    My personal favorite quote is that whole "guardians of the doctrine" nonsense.

    It sounded good though! Especially when I found out that it was Pope Francis that said it first last year in a speech.

    (courtesy of a post by OrphanCrow on a thread here)

  • stuckinarut2
    Yes...pure gold...and on the net forever.....
  • Oubliette

    Milie: it was Pope Francis that said ["guardians of the doctrine"] first last year in a speech.

    It's funny, the WT leaders pretend to hate the Catholic church, but they keep copying them!

  • goingthruthemotions
    marked marked
  • smiddy

    And wasn`t it a Catholic Monk in the 13th Century that penned the name JEHOVAH adding a couple of vowels to the Tetragramaton ?


  • Vidiot

    clarity - "...remember those words if you end up in a JC... when they ask if you believe the gb is gods only representative on earth today!"

    Oh, God, I can just picture it...


    "Do you believe the GB is God's exclusive representative on Earth today?"

    "Um, wouldn't that be presumptuous, sir? After all, Governing Body member Geoff Jackson said so himself in public testimony..."


    ...and the JC elders' heads all explode into miniature mushroom clouds like the bad guys in Kingsmen, from the impossible choice of having to either admit that a GB member was publicy lying, or acknowledging that established WT policy was wrong.


    I wonder how many loyalist elders are secretly pissed at Jackson for saying that, and experiencing cognitive dissonance for feeling pissed.

  • erbie

    You really can't take anything he says seriously. I have watched the whole thing on YouTube and I have to say that either Jackson is really thick or very proficient at pretending to be. I am inclined to think the former.

    Whatever way they spin it, he is sat there, jumping through hoops and doing just about anything he can to avoid telling the truth

    If anyone here has any doubt at all that the JW's are nothing more than just another man-made religion I suggest you watch it for yourself.

    Personally, I am dumbfounded at Jackson's lack of sincerity. He's taken disingenuous to a whole new level and I honestly believe that we are witnessing the very beginning of their undoing.

    Whatever the case, I really don't think the future is bright for the Jehovah's...

    Which is good news for mankind!

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