The "mis-truths" said by brothers during the Royal Commission.

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    problemaddict 2
    The reddit breakdown is the best one thus far.
  • stuckinarut2
    Nice review
  • umbertoecho

    Terrence O Brien was also called out for lying when, in his bid to dissuade the RC from ordering Geoff Jackson to appear, he downplayed GJ's role in co-running the organization, by suggesting he was mainly involved in translation.

    That was such an awesome moment for me.!!!!! Not only did Stewart ignore his protestations, he continued with........' I further submit to you......" And went on to reconfirm more about the fact that the lies had been in various forms and had not been a mistake.....Justice McClellan then asked how long had Jackson been in Australia.....(O'Brien had said he wasn't sure, perhaps a week or so.....) To which Angus Stewart replied that ......" Mr Jackson had been in Australian since before the 14th of July....".

    By then I couldn't sit still and was shooting of emails of gratitude to the person who is assisting me. I really love these people. They have restored my faith in "people". I had never thought the day would come in my life time when such needed exposure would arrive....I wanted to shout all over this forum. I think I went a bit mental with moments of despair and delight.....I am very very keen for this not to die down. And will always update with any information that will keep those who have not spoken yet.....strong and possibly confident of a future chance to gain a much needed platform to tell the facts, the awfully ugly facts...

  • fukitol
    Geoffrey Jacksons testimony was a master-class in dissembling.
  • sparrowdown
    All's fair in love and theocratic war, apparently.
  • LevelThePlayingField
    Geoffrey Jackson lied when he was asked if someone would get disfellowshipped for celebrating Christmas. Jackson said No. Celebrating Christmas is a disfellowshipping offense.
  • Alive!

    Watching Geoffrey Jackson and other 'gifts in men' made me feel sick with shame.

    They are so absorbed in a culture of twisting the truth, I doubt if they even realise exactly how they come across.

    When Geoff Jackson avoided speaking the truth several times - I felt sick.

    As for the one who said he wasn't aware of 'theocratic warfare' - I wonder what his God' thinks of that reply.

    The dodging and ducking ....imagine behaving that way on a JC.

  • Vidiot

    Maybe - whilst linking, "Like"ing, and hashtagging this - it might also be an idea to emphasize (with repitition) the fundamental irony inherent in the JW religion constantly referring to itself as "The Truth".

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