Has this been discussed, the WT Letter about use of K.Halls ?

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  • Phizzy
  • Phizzy

    The above letter will sound like common sense, and good use of Funds,to the average JW, I think it sounds like a way to accelerate the turnover of property ?

  • username
    The master plan! Sounds very Masonic to me!.......Chilling.
  • Bugbear

    It simply means that they will close every KH that is not profitable and make the oldies go to another KH 100 kms/away.


  • Oubliette

    There is an "urgent need for Kingdom Halls throughout the United States."

    They don't need to build them, they need to sell them!

  • millie210

    I believe this letter was posted earlier Phiz but Im glad to see you posted it.

    Its always good to make sure newcomers see it and get informed!

    So basically this is their way of getting rid of all the older Kingdom Halls built with love in small towns everywhere by local brothers who knew roofing, how to lay block etc.

    Gone are the days of the half commercial/half residential looking K.H.s

    Now the Halls are going to be located in either commercially zoned areas or areas the growth indicates will be shortly.

    Then they can flip their generic new buildings for turn key operations such as Drs offices, coffee shops and so on.

    With their free labor, buying power (basically they will function as their own bank) and their new game plan architecturally, they will secure their financial future.

    The only drawback - and Im sure they have discussed this is people getting disillusioned by the obvious.

    Religion is fading in devekoped countries so they are going to consider this loss a given anyhow and there are always more gullible people wanting to be "part of a movement" that will come along. So it really is a well calculated risk on their part. Very smart.


    Totally different subject: Their use in the letter of 2 Kings 10:15 is once again subtly defining the Jehu/Jonadab class they are so entranced with.

    Honestly? They wear this scripture out.

  • BluesBrother

    NB. "The decision will be taken by the Branch Office" - after the local cong. have sent them all their hard earned money that was going to be their new Hall... The grey suits at the top keep the money and send them across town to join another cong..

    It is great in the Truth, isn't it?


    Imagine becoming inactive. After years of being away, you decide to return to DaTroof. You accidentally mistake the local Kinkos for your old Congregation....


  • LisaRose

    It's a slap in the face to those who contributed to and help build a kingdom hall that was close to them. I think some people will meekly accept it while others will not be happy to be so inconvenienced. I am sure some will figure out that it's more about the Watchtower's bottom line and less about the needs of the congregation.

  • cultBgone

    The loyal sheeple will meekly walk off a cliff if told it's in their best interest and will please big J.

    However it should sound yet another note of alarm to those who have some grievances and realize so many things just don't make sense.

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