my 2cents on the reason for keeping tabs on inactive

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  • JimmyPage

    Right now many inactive ones keep a low profile because they want to keep a good relationship with their JW family members.

    If WT starts treating inactive ones like DF'd ones, it will create a lot more anti-WT activists.

    And the more activists, the greater the chance that more JWs will stumble upon TTATT.

    But the GB make so many boneheaded decisions that I've come to expect it from them.

    The only upside for WT would be that they say more angry activists are proof they are being persecuted and the end is so close.

  • The UFO Cult
    The UFO Cult
    LongHairGal4 days ago


    You might be right and if it happens, it happens.

    But I feel sorry for all the people here who have relatives in this hateful religion.

    I just have a measly two active friends there who might stop bothering with me and while this might make me sad, I will get over it knowing it is well and truly over. No more weighing my words around anybody ever again!"

    If only the World knew how wicked this religion is, the hatred brewed and stirred by mad men conjuring up false doctrine and teachings, after talking with a Constitution legal scholar I do feel there must be a after-life or Day of Reckoning for all the Wicked People who walk around dressed up with nothing useful to do. How many religions do you know, that take hours of time drinking coffee while slapping themselves on their own backs for a job well done? No rational person is going to see the works done by Jehovah's Witnesses containing any value, well all those refugees were flooding Europe there were many non-JW churches helping feed them, cloth them and get some type of shelter. The JWs were only handing out tracts "Soon Everyone Will Be Cloth and Feed!" than the Euro JWs headed off to have tea and biscuits leaving the "clothing and sheltering work" to the Non JW Churches, that's JW Logic!

    How are they helping the World, how is sitting on one's ass while the JW Cart sits unattended? This religion make's me want to puke, Jesus said his followers would be hated for "Righteousness Sake", not hated for "harboring Sex Offenders", Not Hated for "Hatred among members and hatred of their parents", no this religion is built upon hatred because that's all it breaths and foments!

    If they kick us out for no attending their church, who in their right mind would miss a person or family that shallow? If you ever mattered they would not obey the Borg, if they do you never had a relationship with them or was it really real?

  • Zoos

    Maybe they're doing it because God is a god of order, not disorder, and they are just trying to emulate His qualities by walking in the ways of... (*cough*.... "ack"... !ptooie!.... - snort-)

    ....sorry. I couldn't finish that.

  • hoser
    I think that vidiot's theory may be correct. The only problem I see with the watchtower cracking down on inactives is that it will drive more back IN. This will be a problem as they will have more active witnesses that are aware of ttatt willing to subvert from the inside.
  • tiki
    Interesting observations...personally I see it as just a nod to the love they think identifies them....we care for you poor lost sheep...come back to the fold so we can torture you some more.....and it looks bad to lose more noses than you are gaining.
  • Finkelstein

    The obedient sheep have to be separated from the disobedient sheep.

    The ones controlled well are the good faithful sheep and the sheep that are not behaving controlled have to be watched that they don't influence the behavior of the obedient controlled sheep.

    A good Shepard looks over all of the sheep.

  • OrphanCrow

    I think that they are trying to dissasociate themselves from those who aren't under their control. That would be why they need names and such.

    There has been so much negative publicity concerning JW child abuse and other nefarious matteres, that they want to assertively say "Hey! He is NOT a JW! We talked to him last week - see...he is not one of us."

    The WTS is cutting ties with anyone who could potentially get in some kind of trouble that would get media attention.

    I think they are "cleaning" so they can draw a clear line between the JW who got charged with child rape and the bad guy who did it because he wasn't a JW.

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