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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The formula for Watchtower success was printing books and magazines propagandising their divine prescience in foretelling 1914. Russell was gravely disappointed when the expectations failed to appear, he got it completely wrong. Back then the world was to have been ‘cleansed’ of God’s enemies by 1914 (what a dream of Bible thumping rhetoric!). All subsequent date failures are a familiar history. The remaining Watchtower hope was predicting that Armageddon was to be during the life-time of those who witnessed 1914...and that too is now dead.

    The 1914 donkey, has been flogged to death...yet clearly there are plans afoot to have it stuffed and have bright new glass eyes inserted to pass it off as a living animal. There is nothing else the Watchtower publishing company can do in their desperate attempt to create the illusion they are divinely inspired.

    Since everything they say is either wrong or misleading, they can only try and revive the lie which helped them in the past. The lie of 1914.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Lemonparty, a very good answer you gave at the WT study! The magazine was ambiguous but you clarified it and you might have sown some fertile seeds of doubt.

    "Jehovah helped his people to understand the timing of events". (WT)

    If one were to examine the subject in hand; its purpose, like all WT drivel, is meaningless self congratulation and reassurance. The participants being Jehovah and his people. Jehovah spoke to "his people" did he? Why then did he give them the wrong information? The wrong date? The wrong events? The same information has been brought forward repeatedly to cover the embarrassment of the wrongness of the Watchtower information and they never get anything right!

    Jehovah and "His people" are both in fairyland.

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    So what!? CTR was not the FDS, so he was just running WAY before the arrival of TOMO's III.
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    Ya gotta keep up with the Chariot

    The chariot metaphor is driving me nuts. Whenever I tell a jw about things the bible says they tell me about keeping up with the chariot.

    Are you kidding me? They are the ones who are off the road. God gave us the Bible that is not changing, their interpretation is not keeping up!

  • freemindfade

    I think the chariot is lost and running out of gas. IMO

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    **********JEHOVAH'S CHARIOT**********

    Image result for broken down wagon


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    I was at the WT study. When we got to that point I "stage whispered" my wife , "That is not true ! He foretold the end in 1914" . .... I got a firm "Shhh!" .

    Thanks Freedomfade for this thread

  • cofty

    I read loads of CTRs books. He was adamant that the big A would come in 1914.

    He died on a train in 1916 convinced that WWI was the start of it.

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    Harold Camping said that 2011 would be a significant year. He was right. Wikipedia turned ten that year.
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    *off topic alert - @Doc, that's a fantastic photo btw.

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