Gospel Q-Your thoughts?

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  • Seven

    I've not read the actual book but have read much online about this lost gospel Q-the original words
    of Jesus written by so-called contemporaries of his. It predates the four gospels and was written in Aramaic. The latest text I was reading about used something called dynamic equivalence in the translation. I don't have a clue what this is but I know it doesn't mean word for word. The editor,
    Marcus Borg has impressive credentials but what is
    this book's significance if only fragments have been found?

  • waiting

    Hey, 7,

    As one elder told me recently when I questioned him: "You study too much."

    Girl, that advice might be applicable to you?


  • Maxee

    The signeficance of this scroll and others is that they were recorded closer to the time of Jesus than any of the books of the New Testament. The book of Thomas is said to be written only a feww decades after Christs death.
    At Nicene 14 the committee gathered every document available on the life of Jesus than made the decision which books would be included in what we now know as the bible.

    What worries me is the committee at the time were the nucleous of the Roman catholic Church and they had already promted teachings such as the trinity etc. The book of Thomas included references of Jesus saying the kingdom of God was within us.They included testaments which only agreed with their doctrine.Sadly they destroyed all the other documents.(wouldn't want any one questioning their authority0
    The significance is that the Q and several other scrolls reveal a different scenario than the bibles NT?

    I have always felt that the dead sea scrolls will one day become very important in the revealing of false religion. My research on these books vague as it is has brought me to the conclusion that the bible is just one piece of the puzzle.

    The NT deifyed Christ mixing pagan with real documents where as the books of Thomas Peter etc humanised him. It has hinted that Jesus was acutually an Essene and married to Mary Magdelene. The wedding at Canaan where Jesus turned wine into water was his own wedding . In one account in the scrolls dunno which one will find out more0 Jesus is described as kissing Mary Magdelene on the lips....
    I am fasincated by this topic Does anyone else have info on them?

  • Seven

    Maxee-It will take you 10 minutes to scroll through to the bottom but I have a feeling you're going to like it.
    [url] http://www.greatdreams.com/arthur.htm[/url]

  • Seven

    waiting-You click on the above too. There is so much more there than just the Grail. If you love to read you'll love this site.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Wow, 7, what a great site. I bookmarked it for later perusal.

  • Simon

    I've read a few books about the Knights-Templar. They are very interesting...asp. the 'holy grail' stories.

  • Seven

    Dear Simon and RedhorseWoman: Yes it is a great site. I spent most of the winter months there reading-fascinating stories.

  • Maxee

    What a great site. Thanx seven Its coming into our winter guess what I'll be reading.

    What fascinates me is the women like Mary mag are virtually ignored in the bible. Jesus obviously aprecciated our talents.
    I think women played a bigger role in helping preach his word then history tells us. The old

    got to keep them in their place
  • Love to be Pentecostal
    Love to be Pentecostal

    I am Pentecost and i have heard of only 144,000 people can go to heaven that is a little crazy, because in revelation is talks about the woman giving birth to the manchild the manchild repersents the 144,000 jews that can not recive the mark of the beast it is not the amount of people going to heaven.

    I have heard this from my bus driver and she is a jehovah's witness.

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