New Child Abuse Lawsuit

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  • umbertoecho

    It's not that old really. Consider how many cases we may not know about. Anyway, the information is important to all of us. I might not have found this had you not posted it.

    Interesting the way the society is trying to banish this case to anther jurisdiction. I hope that the change of venue for the hearing that WT were trying to achieve, failed.

  • wifibandit
    Yea, I wouldn't have found out about the new developments if you had not posted this. Thanks!
  • truthseekeriam

    Anyone who has been through the court system knows how very slow it moves. I wouldn't expect any results for at least a couple of years.

    I hope each and every case that is filed is successful. The victims really need their voices heard and to feel vindicated.

  • Petraglyph

    This uploaded yesterday by the same user

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