What Qualifications does Geoffrey Jackson have as a Translator of the Bible ? In any Capacity ?

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  • kepler

    Raised the same question elsewhere. He's been involved with some translation from English to Micronesian tongues, OK. But about Hebrew or Greek to English? His arguments on stand reminded me of Humpty Dumpty.

    "The words mean whatever I say they mean."

    Years ago, cartoonist Walt Kelly, creator of Pogo ( a talking Possum living in a Florida swamp) and a disciple of Tenniel, caricatured J. Edgar Hoover as a bulldog with the FBI chief's face. In a small box he kept trained spider that infiltrated into books serving as asterisks. ( Did I see something about asterisks in the RC transcripts?).

    J. Edgar in the cartoon said pretty much the same as Jackson. "He who controls the asterisks controls the meaning of the word."

    And you could look at WatchTower as one of the world's biggest manufacturers of asterisks.

    One of Pogo's friends observed, "Hey, I thought spiders had 6-legs!"

    "Yes," reflected J. Edgar, "that was two too many...."

  • Londo111
    His main qualification: loyalty to Watchtower. Being a company man.
  • Gayle
    Reminds me, like Fred Franz, always coming across as an authority of Greek and Hebrew. But under oath in court, could not read or translate. They are such ignorant boasters.
  • Stealth
    He is qualified in knowing what property the org needs to purchase for bible translation offices.
  • Calebs Airplane
  • B4Right
    In JW land (especially if you have no certified training) all it takes is for you to volunteer a few times and speak like you know something and next thing you know you are the "go- to" guy!
  • Giordano

    Being a strong spiritual person is conflated with being a strong supporter of the WTBTS corporate culture. An educated professional skill set is best left to the temporary free help.

  • OrphanCrow

    Jackson does not meet the basic requirements that the Forum of Bible Agencies has in place for Bible translators.

    Jackson is pitifully underqualified.


    Linguistics: A minimum of one academic year of training (or equivalent) in descriptive linguistics. Areas to be covered include sociolinguistics, phonology, grammar, discourse studies, cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, semantics, and language typology.

    Cross-cultural studies: At least one graduate (or upper undergraduate) level course in anthropology or cross-cultural studies.

    Biblical languages: A good knowledge of New Testament Greek and/or Biblical Hebrew (preferably both). More precisely, the minimum standard expected is a basic knowledge of the morphology, syntax and discourse structure of the language. One should be to read the original text with understanding (with the help of reference tools) and to use commentaries that refer directly to the original text. There should be an ongoing commitment to use and develop this knowledge.

    Biblical studies: A minimum of one academic year of concentrated study at the graduate (or upper undergraduate) level in Old Testament and New Testament. Areas to be covered include Biblical languages (see above), principles and practice of Biblical exegesis, and the historical and cultural background of the Bible.

    Translation consultants should normally have an M.A. or a Ph.D. or the equivalent in one of the above areas (or a related discipline), and the minimum described above in the others. Formal qualifications may, however, occasionally be waived where the person concerned has other special strengths and/or has demonstrated his or her competence through long service and/or through the publications he or she has authored.2

  • Londo111
    They mainly translate the Bible from the English NWT into other langauges.
  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    @ smiddy:

    A 15 year old drop out from school in Australia is the Chief/ Prime Translator of the Bible for Jehovah`s Witnesses

    That is the funniest thing I read all day!

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