Young, free, single and FRAZZLED!

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  • Sunchild

    Cute parody titles aside....

    I, Rochelle, am finally moving out of my parents' house in a couple of weeks. I've found a wonderful college senior with an apartment to share (and it's just a stone's throw from Ann Arbor, my favorite place in the world), and I'm in a bit of a tizzy figuring out what to do, what to pack, what to leave, what to sell, when to do what, all that fun stuff.

    My question is, should I sell my JW books on E-bay? Would anybody buy them? I have the TMS Guidebook, the Proclaimers book and maybe a few other "members only" publications, and unlike Watchtower mags, they don't make very good kindling.

    You're also welcome to make other suggestions on what can be done with old WTBTS publications.


    "Most men complacently accept 'knowledge' as 'truth'. They are sheep, ruled by fear."
    -- Sydney Losstarot, "Vagrant Story."

  • Fredhall


    I have a friend from Ann Arbor. What is your motive going there? And if you think is hunky dory over there, then you are wrong. There are alot of students over there do not know good moral standards. Oh, I don't have to tell you. You will know when you get there. Plus, you better keep your Bible and Bible publications. Why? You going to need as reminders because the students are not going to tell you nothing about the facts of life.

  • expatbrit


    There are alot of students over there do not know good moral standards.

    Sounds like you're gonna have a great time!

    the students are not going to tell you nothing about the facts of life.

    But, if you're lucky, they may show you a few things about the facts of life!

    Congrats. on your move!

    Expatbrit, sinking into the moral depravity that results from separation from God's channel on Earth. How sad.

  • larc

    Hi Sunchild,

    It sounds like you are about to start an exciting adventure. Ann Arbor is a beautiful town, especialy after Flint. I lived in Flint for fifteen years until I retired to Dayton, Ohio last year to be closer to my children. I do miss my friends in Flint, however. My wife and I plan to visit there in May, or we might wait for June to take in the Art Fair. It is better than the one in Dayton, even though Dayton is about twice as big as Flint. I understand that the Ann Arbor art fair is outstanding.


    This is saturday morning. Why aren't you out in field service, or do you count time for posting here?

  • Fredhall


    How do you know I wasn't out in field servicethis morning? I think you and expatbrit should hook up together and talk about moral standards.

  • larc


    I did not bring up the subject of morality, so why do you think I should want to talk about it. I talked about truth and beauty. The beauty of a city and the truth and beauty of art.

  • COMF

    And so the immersion into reality begins. I'd really love to be around when you've reached my age and experience level, to see how life has shaped your outlook. Here's hoping you keep your positivity through it all.

    Welcome to adulthood, Rochelle.


  • Lindy

    Fred IS out in field service, every time he is on here. That's how he gets his time in! LOL

  • Lindy

    Good for you, moving on! I hope you enjoy your new home and your new life. I'm close to Cleveland, not so far away from MI. Went up there for a convention years back. Lovely scenery. I hear that you can sell anything on e-bay. Give it a try. Can't hurt and you could make some money to spend on moving or on something for your new place. Best to you, as always.
    Lindy (Antique)

  • TR

    Hi Rochelle!

    Just keep this in mind when you think about the WTS:

    Good luck!


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