Drama played at pioneer school

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  • StarTrekAngel
    Yes. That was the most shocking part to me. Since I walked into the conversation when it had started, I missed the part where this had taken place. It wasn't until she was done that I asked again.. where was this at? I was assuming all along this was during some sort of social gathering. JWs in my area have the custom of putting up plays done by publishers to celebrate pioneers. I was shocked to hear this was during a pioneer school. Now let me clarify, this wasn't official WT drama. This was put in front of the school as a sort of closing ceremony. But still, the fact that someone who is there to teach pioneers allowed this message to be played, means they support the idea.

    It just shows how ignorant they are. It's sad.

    The GB can't teach dubs anything but recycled garbage based on Adventist errors, becuase they are false teachers. A true teacher desires their student to be equal to them. The GB desire to be the top dogs. Hopefully the myriad of "sins" that created the mindless, pseudo-educated dubs will expose the sickness.

    It seems like the j-dumbness is manifesting itself through all the child sexual abuse cases. The GB wants mindless drones. Be careful what you wish for.


  • Vidiot

    StarTrekAngel - "...I realized that this wasn't some brother trying to play artist. This was at the pioneer school."

    * facepalm *

  • JustVisting
    The should have asked the KH toilet for his opinion about that brother. KH bathroom can be pretty revolting.

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