Does Good exist?

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  • Bugbear

    Atheists, deists, or believer…..basic philosophic ground

    Either good exist, or has never been, or is dead. Those are he the three basic premises that we all humans must take a stand to. Reasoning about these three premises will help us understand all the problems that life brings to us humans and all the rest of “the creation” that exists.

    That life is for most of us living creatures quite dreadful and scaring is quite obvious for most of us Homo sapiens. It was obvious for Gautama Siddhartha, and most of all other religions are trying to explain these our difficulties with the anger of Good or that Good is punish us so that learn how to obey his laws and commandment. In fact, life is a sexual transmitted disease, with 100% mortality.

    And when life is passing by, almost every one of us will suffer from diseases, losses of friends and family. Not to mention volcano eruptions, tsunamis, war, and other small anxieties that this good sent to us in order to correct our behavior.

    Back to our basic premises, premises no 1. Good exist, but doesn’t interfere.

    This makes Good evil. He/she don´t care about his creation. He/she lets us suffer from cancer, viruses, bacteria, war lords, and everything that causes depression, suicidal behavior, mental diseases. He (Good) just sit there in his heaven looking at us (his children) generations by generations, saying:, what did I told you….what did I told you.

    Premises no 2. Good is dead. Therefore, he cannot interfere.

    Nietzsche declared: Good is dead. This because he had no other explanation to all life’s evilness.

    Darwins theory of “the survival of the fittest” was not a commonly accepted idea. Nor could Darwin explain the “evolution” with plain scientific proofs. And the very sentence “Good is dead” contend, the very essence about the concept of God … immortality. Nietzsche’s declaration “Good is dead” means in fact there is no Good, if he is mortal. The very definition of a Good is that he/she is immortal, an everlasting spirit, whit endless power.

    Premises No 3. God has never existed. There is no creator, no spirits, daemons, no “power” that is unseeingly from us, and that life is a spontaneous, randomness result of “atomic energies” that can occur in any carbon/oxygen/hydrogen atmosphere.

    From a philosophical point of view, this premises, this is the only alternative, that helps us get rid of the “theodice-problem”. God is not responsible , for not intervene….because, he doesn´t exist.

    How do you reason on these philosophical questions?


  • stillin

    It's hard to tell. I wonder if some don't THINK God into existence. If there were a God that cared about us, it seems like we would have more to go on.

    BTW, do you mean "good" or "God?"

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I don't know if good can exists, but there are good people and "good" is manifested in their agreeable behaviour 😛
  • Bugbear


    I am sorry to say that english is not my mother toungue. I mean God, but is God good?


  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Bugbear, I think you are not a native English speaker but as Stillin asks do you mean god or good?
  • freemindfade
    We are godless and the universe us indifferent. When one comes to terms with this then their eyes open. God and religion keep them in the dark. There are good people and bad people. Good eventd and bad. Good and bad happens the universe is indifferent and not picking one overy the other.
  • Heaven

    The ancients thought God to be all things, both good and evil. Christians are the ones who separated the 2 because logic dictates if you are good, doing evil negates this.

    I can supply personal experiences that good does exist. As for God, this was the ancients way of defining the undefinable. Even present day believers who do not understand how something wonderful has happened conclude 'God did it'.

    "Every mystery ever solved has turned out to be NOT magic." -- Tim Minchin 'Storm'

  • punkofnice
    I'm not even sure I exist.
  • SecretSlaveClass

    What Heaven said. If you believe in god then you shoul aslso believe in magic, fairies, leprechauns and every other superstiton invented by man.

    And Darwin's Origin of Species is the foundation for what today has become scientific fact.

  • cappytan

    Good is occasionally a matter of perspective.

    Like I would say that ending the war in the pacific (WWII) was a good thing.

    the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would likely disagree.

    Or take another example. In Texas, we have been experiencing a drought for quite some time. This year, we had so much rain in the spring that it was a huge help in getting the water table and wells filled up. The drought is over for now. So the rain was good.

    However, the rain also brought flooding and some people lost their lives. Those people and their surviving families would likely disagree that the rain we had this year was good.

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