Watch Tower Society owns web domains: and

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  • Gilgamesh

    (My apologies if this was already discussed somewhere else.)

    I noticed that the domain was taken, and when I tested it, it was a mirror of the log in portion of the site, where you can look up assemblies, kingdom halls, and make either one time or recurring donations. So I created an account there (you can use fake form information as long as it's a real email address for email verification). And then I tried to use that new login account to log into It worked just fine. I also checked some backlink/SEO type sites and found that the Russian version of the site had been flagged as the most used subdirectory. (I assume these are attempts to get around any bans or restrictions on

    Then it hit me! What about ?

    I tried it and it worked. Not only that, but this time I saw that is a complete mirror of These are not redirects, where you stay on that domain for a second and you get transferred to The entire site (apparently) is mirrored onto this domain.

    I had batted 1000 so far, so I tried two other verses and no luck. Didn't expect John 3:16, but tried a couple forms of that. Then jn173, john173, etc. Of course these don't follow the two-digit format for chapter and two-digit format for verse.

    Does anyone else know of any more of these domains? Or are they listed somewhere? I'd be interested in what other verses that the WT believes are foundational and "mnemonically" appropriate.

  • StarTrekAngel
    What I find myself wondering more is why would they want to snatch such domain name? What value can it have? May be I am missing the obvious here.
  • _Morpheus
    I wonder if its an attempt to give dubbies in places like russia an outlet when may be blocked
  • nonjwspouse
    Startrekangel, <y guess is that is a way to try to get around any bans in other countries. The domains do not have JW in the name... so maybe they think they can get away with it, or keep creating new ones to do the same thing if caught in a country that bans such sites.
  • nonjwspouse
    haha Jinx Morpheus
  • OrphanCrow
    STA: What value can it have?

    *lol! too!

    To bypass the ban in Russia.

    The sign in page is in the Russian language.

    Gilamesh: ...the Russian version of the site had been flagged as the most used subdirectory. (I assume these are attempts to get around any bans or restrictions on
  • StarTrekAngel
    They would be pretty naive to think that a simple domain name would circumvent an internet ban, especially one that comes from a government with control of the local ISPs. Although I guess that considering the price of a domain is not a bad alternative to have. I would think that Russia would demand its ISPs that they block at more than just the dns level.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I tried but had no luck. I wonder why.

  • berrygerry
    (I sent this thread to the Kremlin.)
  • skin
    Odd thing is, first time I opened that domain it was in Russian, now every time it is in English.

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