How are you spreading TTATT?

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  • vinman
    Just wondering if anyone has used any underhanded ways of spreading TTATT. I mean, has anyone made up business cards or tracts and spread them far and wide? I would love to engage in this "alternative witnessing".
  • bradford

    The only ones I'm interested in sharing with are the ones that have been in and out for years but never baptized. Many ask to go out for a drink and the first question is always "So what was it that made this happen? "

    I hope to help them before they get back in or if they are dealing with personal guilt brought in by family pressure or a neglected relationship with Jehovah. I try to hold back and not sound crazy, kind of like a new publisher who has all that zeal and your like whoa dude. .take a step back, relax..

    I put as my website in my social media accounts and made them public. I know many are closet social media stalkers. Maybe someone will land on that site and wake up.

    Other than that I try to live a damn happy life. That's the best witness, right?

  • Oogie
    I only tell non-witnesses I know to basically steer-clear of the cult.
  • OzGirl
    I talk about financial things and act puzzled.
  • punkofnice
  • SecretSlaveClass

    I take very opportunity to chat with them about three key issues:


    Overlapping generations

    1975 and the other failed prophecies

    And now the new one: the GB aren't god's chosen, according to GJ. This particular one (video of him using "presumptuous") is on my phone as are a few others.

    A few different scriptures so they don't assume I'm someone who's clueless about the bible.

    I NEVER talk atheism with them, I find it instantly shuts them off. For me I've always had better success picking topics they can immediately identify with or better - have experienced themselves, like the 1914 gen almost all being dead but still no sight of the end.

    If I seem them offerimg someone literature or having a chat I ALWAYS interject and ruin their "pitch".

    Since I gave the last two who came to my door a good talking to, I haven't seen one in my neighborhood for at least a year.

  • Phizzy

    They don't knock my door anymore either, I wonder why, LOL.

    I will leave them with something to think about if I ever speak with them. I like the big questions, like The Problem of Evil, makes them squirm intellectually.

  • Splash

    I talk about what's in the news about JW's - typically abuse court cases, TV programs and now the Royal Commission.

    I challenge statements that are taken as given such as Armageddon is soon or the world is getting worse.

    I toss out ideas to discuss which are easily disprovable such as New scrolls, the Generation teaching etc.

    I also ask why the WT includes certain scriptures at the end of a paragraph that actually has no relevance whatsoever to do with the statements just made in the paragraph. They do this a lot.

  • flipper
    I talk with everybody- non-JW's AND JW's about TTATT. When subjects come up in grocery stores about religion - I'll bring attention to the WT child abuse scandals. I've had some good experiences talking with the JW cart people in my little home town and have placed WT child abuse news releases with them numerous times. I've left those same WT child abuse news printouts at magazine racks outside of grocery stores, even inside grocery stores. Left them on news bulletin boards as well. I've also gone onto kingdom hall parking lots and left them under windshield wipers in order to inform JW's in my 3 county area about the child abuse scandals. I think it's good to get the word out to non-JW's and JW's as well. Doesn't bother me in the least. I'm glad to expose this criminal organization the WT Society. People need to be helped and people need to wake the hell up
  • OrphanCrow

    I have collected brochures from Social Services on child abuse, elder abuse, how to get legal help, where to go if you are an abused woman, etc, and stuck those brochures in the doors of Kingdom Halls.

    Rationality rarely works when confronting JWs about why they are one. I think that making JWs aware that there really is help for them on the outside appeals more to their emotions than their (lack of) rationality.

    I usually don't bother tackling their theological errors. Most people who are JWs make the choice to be one do so because of an emotional reaction, not a rational reaction. I used to get into theological debates with them but now I just talk to them about their child abuse issues or the blood transfusion ban.

    All of my friends and most of my acquaintances know that I am an ex-JW. Whenever religion has come up in the conversation, I always self-identify as a cult survivor. Most people are quite alarmed about the inside, insiduous practices of the JWs - they just think that they are those annoying people who knock on doors and don't celebrate Christmas or birthdays.

    I have plans to do my best to stop the JWs from setting up a table at the university this coming semester. It won't be hard to get the women's rights groups to make a stink about the JWs recruiting on campus once I show them videos of Jackson's testimony revealing how JW women are denied basic human rights. If that doesn't work, I will print off the extensive list of Religious Studies classes that the university offers and give it to the JWs that man the tables. If they want to claim that they are "Bible educated" then it might be a good idea for them to see what "the world" has to offer in religious/Bible education - which far surpasses the WTS education.

    I also sometimes do things like send off emails to international organizations such as Amnesty International and children's rights groups. Every once in a while I get the urge and I do another email campaign.

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