Let your name be spanktified

by oppostate 1 Replies latest social humour

  • oppostate

    LOL! The subbing WT conductor just stumbled over the title of the WT study and said "Let your name be spanktified. Let your name be spp... stank... SANCTified".

    All right, so everyone gets tongue tied at some point, if we don't use the words we read as part of our daily vocabulary. Poor guy had everyone laughing out loud! At least it was a funny start to the usual boring as heck WT study!

  • Bonsai


    Lots of Japanese people can't pronounce "spirit" so they end up saying "spit".

    "Please pour your holy spit upon us so that we are guided by your spit in our daily life".

    I'd start giggling during the prayer until my wife jabbed me in the side.

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