The Organization's Incredible Growth?

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  • James Smith
    James Smith
    For those who have attended the 2015 District/Regional Convention (or know someone who has), could you please provide the location, and attendance for one session (preferably the highest for the entire assembly), and the number of newly baptized? I am wishing to do a brief statistical analysis of potential changes in the size of the Org. Thank you in advance for the data provided.
  • Splash

    Try here.

  • nowwhat?
    In Cleveland Ohio last week 31 baptised peak attendance was 7000. 75% kids.
  • smiddy

    Just because a child gets baptized ,doesn`t mean their in it for life .I think 2/3rds of children born in , leave the religion either in their teens or in their twenties .

    Of course this does not mean they will be unscathed , they will , for the most part be subjected to emotional /blackmail abuse in it`s many forms practiced by the J.W.religion .

    It is a pity the current Royal Commission presently conducted in Australia does not include emotional/blackmail abuse by parents and institutions against children , which is rampant in the organization .


  • Phizzy

    You may find this Thread of use :

    Stats of conventions in Mexico

    by IloveTTAT2

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    Belleville mi June 2015

    2200 att

    13 baptized

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