Who is the Royal Commission?

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    So we have the English convention this week. A bunch of families whom I know but have not seen in a few years are attending. They are not assigned but got a group together to visit the city and attend a day or two of the convention. We had a get together last night. I shaved my beard to avoid any confrontation. I have to admit I miss a lot of the friends. I had a lot of fun with many of them when I was gun-ho in the organization. We did a lot of things together like camping, Disney world, Travel together.

    But how times have changed.

    Many of them have already lost their husbands or wives to death. Most of these JWs were elders and MS when I was just a kid coming in. The Single wives and husbands talked a lot about the paradise just around the corner and how happy they will be to see their mates and be with them forever and this time not be interrupted by death.

    I was not about to try to wake anyone up and burst their bubble, but I did want to know if anyone knew about the Royal Commission, so I discreetly ask around. There was about 50-60 people there.

    Not one of them knew what was going on with the Royal Commission. In fact many have never heard of any child abuse news. Many have never even seen the Dateline stories a few years ago. Many said they hardly watch the news and only get their information from the Magazines.

    I don’t think there was anyone there under 50 years of age.

  • Oubliette

    JA: Not one of them knew what was going on with the Royal Commission.

    This is typical.

    JWs lives are extremely insulated from reality.

    That's part of what Steven Hassan terms the BITE model of cult mind-control. It's important to keep people from accessing alternative sources of information (The "I" in BITE).

    Your story proves its effectiveness. Very sad.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The fact that no one was aware of what the Org is being dragged through, reading only Org publications is a testament to how the Org's control over the older generation is almost complete. Is it because at such a late stage in life they are so hopelessly entwined with the Org, their life foundation completely dependent on it (ALL their family and associations being part of it), or perhaps unlike the younger generation they are not search savvy with the internet and simply relying on Org publications is just less hassle? Is it that the Org's principals and ethics are a close parallel to what they were brought up with during let's say, pre-80's decades and thus Org doctrine/policy harkens back to a time where they felt the world was in a better place morals? I'm sure it's a combination of things in most cases. I would love to see what the statistics are age-wise considering how many older people drop out vs the younger generations.
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    I would love to see what the statistics are age-wise considering how many older people drop out vs the younger generations.

    That's an excellent idea. But complying it would be a difficult task.

  • Magnum

    Yeah, judging from my experience, I'd say they're clueless. In the last year or two, my mother told me "quit reading all that other stuff you read". One implication of that is that she only gets news & info from the org, and we know what that means; she gets spin, propaganda. whitewash, selective inclusion and omission of material, etc.

    JWs are sheltered, insulated, & isolated.

  • joe134cd
    Well I am probably going to buck the trend, here. I live in a country that is very closely connected with Australia. I know the ARC, was mentioned at the convention because when I brought this up and questioned my father over it he was aware of it saying that the speaker had mentioned it from the Plat form. I do however think the impression that was given or at least the impression my father got (and to a point is correct) was that this was just a standard enquiry, into organisations policies of protecting children against child abuse. Apart from this he had no idea on just how bad or what the implications of this are. Of the ones I have spoken to and have questioned, sex abuse is something that only happens in the catholic church. They either have told me they deleted the information I sent them or are just plain not interested. I think perhaps the only reason this was mentioned from the Plat form was the close ties this country has with Australia, and they were probably anticipating it been reported on in this country. Funny thing is there was not a word mentioned of it in the media. Nada, zip, zero lol. I also wonder if they would of been so eager to mention it from the Plat form if I lived in Europe or the Americas.
  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    Greetings to all, I remember my mother waking us up early and getting us ready for making hoagies at the El Paso coliseum before the assembly day. Great memories, but so sad I spent so much time in this crap.
  • joe134cd
    It's sad but I have fully come to realise that the only way the R&F will ever believe that Wt is worse than the catholic church at weeding out sex offenders, is when they are either forced to or of their own accord print a front page Wt article admitting to it. The R&F (my father included) are just to sown up mentally to acknowledge it on their own. Then I'm guessing if this ever happened the R&F would interpret this as been a sign of the Orgs love and concern for the beaten and down trodden, and how humble and honest they were to own up. The rank and file would have no idea that they have been paying out victims under the table for the last 15 years.
  • Zoos

    Of course the Watchtower Corp. isn't going to broadcast it, and given the limited exposure of the story through international news outlets... you'd almost have to be looking for it to find it.

    I was talking to another ex-JW who, when I mentioned the RC, told me she knew nothing of it. I also know she is not plugged in to any ex-JW discussion forums, facebook, etc... I think it stands that the only people who really know anything about it are the people who have an active interest in digging up dirt on the Watchtower, along with any on the sly JWs who might rub elbows with "apostates" in various internet forums.

  • Nitty-Gritty
    I hate to burst your bubbles, you all think it's BIG news, but in reality its not. Only a minority like you guys will have noticed anything about the Royal Commission. Besides those directly and closely involved with it (whether it be survivors, institutions under investigation and all the staff of the commission and other government agencies such as the RC) not many people will even be aware of it. Sure, some newspapers, especially in Australia, have carried the story, but I don't think it has made headlines anywhere. So, the JWs were case 29. There were 28 cases before it and there will be a good number after it. After a few days it will have all blown over and no one will bat an eye lid. Sure, there will be changes, for the good, and that's the commissions goal. But as for anyone fanning the flames of this issue, especially case 29, I am afraid it's only you guys.

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