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    Rip says

    I do not believe the some should superimpose THEIR consciences or beliefs upon others. The Bible rule, "do not go beyond what is written" if applied, would mean that no one should say, "don't go to University, don't do extracurricular activities, no office gatherings, no ballgames. life insurance? thats a joke - don't you know you'll never get old in this system, Marriage? Children? Plenty of time for that in the new order" etc. etc


    thank you for your honesty and i agree completly with you- i find it so sad that many jw will not even admit what you have about the Org. instead they close thier ears

    i would like to welcome you to this site - i fully realize that you come here at great risk- but it is your desire to know more is why you are here

    i truly encourage you to visit as many sites as you can esp the ones that don't have debate forums , but are strictly INFORMATION on the org - in the context of the claim "We are the ONLY ones who can speak for God himself"

    you will find looking back over the paper trail of the writing dept to be very interesting- so don't get caught up in name calling but stick to issues and you will find that your knowledge will grow and you will know what direction you need to go in-

    i would never tell anyone to leave the org- but i would tell everyone to have an open mind and examine for yourself the things that the Service dept and writing dept tells you not to- much like your being here.

    there are many of us with vast knowledge of the INNER WORKINGS of the org who can provide info that the avg publisher would never have access to.

    quick question have you had the chance to examine any of Ray Franz's books?

    just my 2 and welcome again


    feel free to email me anytime

  • JT

    flowerpetal- i love that name and so does my wife

    i would like to welcome you esp being a woman- it is truly refeshing to hear a sister express herself-

    i do have one question in ref to what you said

    "Some still tell him they don't see the need in it"

    Why do you think the Org created that type of mindset in so many JW- regardless of what part of the earth a jw lives in this view is often held?

    also have you had a chance to read any of ray franz's books yet?

    once again i always commend any active jw or Pro wt person who comes to a forum such as this mainly due to the risk that you take by merely being here

    It is good to see that despite the Org constant pounding of not SHOWIND AND INDEPENDENT Spirit, by doing what the org says not too

    more and more jw like yourself are simply realizing that you are not children but men and women with thinking abilities

    you can come here and decide based on the facts as to whether something has a basis or not

    so welcome and i hope you to continue to surf the net on issues that involve your very life as a JW

    take care


  • RipVanWinkle


    Read both of Ray's books. Also value the "Aid" book that he was assigned to head up research for. I think that was part of his problem. As he researched he wanted to move ahead and the others who were not involved it it saw a red flag and said "whoa" . I felt his books were full of compassion as well as hurt yet he seems to have peace. It is a given that he would never be accepted back.

    I am confident that Jehovah is not looking for perfection or we'd be all dead. He is merciful and saw/sees all. We are only clay pots but He is the Potter and in the final analysis will "will" the righteous decisions.

    Also loved Ed Dunlaps "Commentary on James" Blew the cover off the "Aura" that surrounds the office of overseers. It is not intended to be a self-service position but one that requires self-sacrifice. If the shoe fits then wear it - he said. So they threw the shoes away. No wonder it is out of print.


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