Sad News: Girl of JW parents with schizophrenia murders two siblings

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  • sparrowdown
    JWs teach their children that Satan is real and that he is watching us. How can that not affect a little mind.
  • Oogie
    My 5 year old knows satan isn't took a while for me to get the indoctrination out of her head.
  • Splash

    The WT has never been very big on professional help for mental disorders, sometimes categorising it along with advice from taxi drivers and hair dressers. The WT message is that reading the Bible and going on the ministry is the solution to medical depression.

    *** w99 4/1 pp. 3-4 A Book of Wisdom With a Message for Today ***
    "But where can such wisdom be found today? People turn to advice columnists, psychologists, psychiatrists, even hairdressers and taxi drivers, with their personal problems. And experts without number are ready to dispense advice on almost any subject—for a suitable fee. Often, though, such words of “wisdom” have led only to disappointment, even disaster. How, then, can we find true wisdom?

    Tomoe suffered from major depression and spent most of her days in bed...
    When Tomoe told the neighbor how worthless she felt, the neighbor showed her a text from a book...

    By applying the wisdom she had found, Tomoe overcame the gloomy days of her depression. Now Tomoe works full-time at helping others to apply the same words that enabled her to cope with her problems. "

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