December 15 2015 Watchtower - Blowing a Trumpet for RNWT

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    Jason BeDuhn " But the name never appears in any Greek manuscript of any book
    of the New Testament. So, to introduce the name 'Jehovah' into the New Testament,
    as the NWT does two-hundred-thirty-seven times, is not accurate translation by
    the most basic principle of accuracy: adherence to the original Greek text."

    That is one quote you won't see JW's use.



    WBT$ GB 'Rock Star Pope" Geoffery Jackson

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  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    This is plenty reason why one should look after one's elderly closely. Not complaining after the fact as there are evil people everywhere.


  • umbertoecho

    bennyk Then you will see that it is in the appendix and not in the body of the work. Therefore, it is well hidden, for how many people do you really know who go on to read the appendix of most books. Well hidden Be'Duhn. Very cunning.

    Interesting Fascinating. In his book Truth in Translation, BeDuhn has an entire section in the Appendix explaining why the word "Jehovah" as found in the New World TranslationNew testament is incorrect....

  • umbertoecho

    that JW publications are not written by the FDS?

    But the GB always read and approve all material to ensure it's scriptural accuracy and that sources are correctly quoted Data Dog. So we should all feel very secure in their self promoted role of "our slaves". Ha!!

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