JW Business Cards

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  • Funchback

    I didn't not address specifics out of fear...LOL! I lost any fear of JWs since the time I posted my real pic and real name on this very site about 6 years ago. I stopped living by their rules several years ago. Luckily, all of my closest friends also left. We are now closer than ever, even though they are back in Philadelphia and I am here in Brazil. Only my older brother is still deep within the JW corporation.

    Also, I was at work...actually trying to work...when they popped in for a visit. Besides the fact that the young man seemed reallly sincere in wanting to know the "why", if I had rolled up my sleeves and talked JW turkey with them, it would have messed up the rest of my day. It was on a late Friday afternoon and I was less than an hour away from going home.

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