"The governing body has asked me to..."

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  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    I have heard that phrase several times on the JW Broadcast, uttered by GB members! "The governing body has asked me to bring to your attention (whatever)". Aren't YOU the governing body? What's up with the 3rd person jargon? Why not "as a member of the governing body, we thought we should bring this to your attention", or better yet "Jehovah thought we should bring this to your attention". No, be as disconnected as possible.

    Anybody else notice that annoying phrase?

  • Phizzy

    That, of course, is just one annoying phrase against a myriad.

    It was on the tip of my tongue to say, when two Elders called on me, and said "The Governing Body have asked us to call on you...."

    "No they haven't, they don't know you, they don't care about you, you have been told to call on me by the C.O who got his instructions by letter, not written by the Governing Body..."

    But I just smiled a knowing smile, and let them prattle on, until I let them have the killer blow.

    "Explain to me the Problem of Evil ".

    They have not called back.

  • Splash

    The elders do the same, its a way of dodging responsibility.

    Instead of saying "me and Bro x have decided you can't have a beard", its " the BoE have decided..."

    It's a form of cowardice, hiding behind a faux label.

  • xjwsrock

    Remember ... "Governing Body" - aka - "Guardians Of Doctrine".

    So when Lett says the Governing Body asked him to speak, he is really saying G.O.D. asked him to share those important pronouncements and admonitions...

  • sparrowdown

    They are a member of the GB but none of them are the GB, it's like GB mind games.

    Or in other words the "I am Sparticus" defense.

  • steve2

    They use puffed up phrases to disguise the fact they are mere men leading an organization of obedient male and female followers.

    British Royalty uses similar puffery. The Queen uses the "Royal" we: "We are happy to announce. ?..". Prince Charles refers to himself as "One" as in stiffly informing listeners that, "One is hard pressed to find architects who know what they are doing these days".

    Puffery used to disguise they are just like us, ordinary, imperfect, but different in their hubristic need to legitimate their authority.

  • Dumplin


    them british over thar shore talk funny. what the hell is "puffery"?? In Georgia USA we call it bullshit.

  • punkofnice

    Dumplin - I think you'll find Steve2 is from Australia or New Zealand..somewhere over there. As a Brit, I've never heard of 'puffery' before....it sounds like it would be nice covered in chocolate and sprinkles though.

    Yes....someone else asked me to do it.........therefore not my fault if it all goes wrong. The GB talk a load of the proverbial don't they?!

  • JustVisting

    Because they believe that the GB is the Faithful Slave only when acting as a group and not as individuals. But I believe they do that to distance themselves legally from the outcome of their policies. "Gong!"...Sorry Geoffrey, doesn't work like that.

  • vinman

    "The Governing body would like you to know just how much we love and appreciate you."

    JW response: " Wow! Jehovah sure loves us!"


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