"Absolutely Fabulous" and my confession

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  • Bendrr

    A show I'm sure you Brits are familiar with. For those of you here in the states, the show is a British sit-com that used to run on Comedy Central and now runs on Oxygen. Yes, your old buddy Bendrr actually tuned in to the Oxygen Channel...only to watch AbFab though.

    I love that show. I'm totally hooked. Comedy Central used to run it and then dropped it and that really bummed me out. Fortunately I just happened to be surfing the cable guide channel last week and found out that one of those chick networks picked it up so I get to watch it again every Sunday night.

    So what about the confession part you ask?

    Ah yes, I did mention a confession.


    I have a big time crush on Saffie. BIG TIME!

    There. I said it. It's out in the open now and I feel so much better.


    (I'm sure you Brits will understand this much more than the Americans here)

  • Robdar

    Whatever do you mean by saying that the Brits would understand better than the Americans? AbFab is a great show. I got tired of watching it on Comedy Central because it seemed that they only showed 6 episodes over and over. That got to be boring. I now watch AbFab on BBC America. It's nice to meet another fan.


  • Surreptitious

    Add me to the fan list and you're right Mike! Julia Sawalha is as cute as a bug's ear isn't she?

  • Mackin

    Julia Sawalha was also the voice of "Ginger" on "Chicken Run"

    And yes, she is a total babe.


  • pr_capone

    Chicken Run.... damn good movie.

    *singing* Ain't nobody here but us chickens.......

  • AnotherEscapee

    Hiya All

    If you like Julia S in AbFab you'll just love her in a one-off comedy called The Flint Street Nativity Play, it was out a few xmas's ago. My daughter and me absolutely loved it, it was so funny. It's about a class of kids, all played by adults, getting ready for their school's nativity play - one line in it uttered by Julia herself when talking about a school mate was "that's Monica's drawing that is, she's not here, she's not allowed, she's a Jehovah Witness and she can't do anything not even watch TV" - pretty much sums them up really.

  • Englishman

    Just curious, but can North America pick up Sky satellite broadcasts same as we do here?


  • ballistic

    Mike, I don't know if they share programming but the actual satellie is in geostationary orbit over Europe. It is the astra satellite if you want to search on the net. A map of coverage is variable as different transponders or frequencies can be picked up in slightly varying areas but coverage is roughly something like this:

  • Englishman

    Brian, thanks for that. I'm aware of the limitations of Astra, I just wondered if it's programmes were somehow linked to the US and Canada by other means.For example, I can watch Sky in Madeira, which is outside of its boundaries on your map, although it could be piped over from say, Portugal.

    Also, Outlaw mentioned that he could pick up some stuff via a sattelite over his part of the world, when I said that I was looking forward to watching Judge John Deed he mentioned that he would go search on his satellite for it.


  • Bendrr

    Thanks for the pic, Surr. Wow, she's hot!

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