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  • ballistic

    Isn't it just great we can all have fellowship together? Or am I just having another manic episode? I mean, if this was the 60's could us ex-JWs associate in this way???

    Me personally, I found sites like this as a life saver, but I'm still sitting here checking in, although I do 101 other things on the net.

    How do those people feel who came out without it like I did. When I first left, the net was there but I didn't have it. Who are those who left 10, 20 years ago???

  • mouthy

    Raising hand!!! I was one who left with no where to go!!!! I wanted to kill myself-I thought I was a Judas... That is why I think this is so wonderful for others to find & know we are not alone....When they kicked me out it was the worse time of my life- and at 75 you must know I have had lots of hard times -living in the war in England -bombs- loss of loved ones in death -coming to a country which spoke mostly French( Quebec) which I couldnt speak- being in hospital with fractured skull- because I was a JW... But I can honestly say- the worse of all my sufferings- when they disfellowedshipped me. It was devastating to me. GOD Kicking me off theArk!!!!!! I walked the streets trying to pluck up enough courage to jump under a bus or take an overdose----Thank God for Christians out there who care for folks who are lost.. But it is so much better to find EX JW because they understand where we have been & why we were the way we were Christians cant believe we believed all that if we believed the Bible -Sorry for the long post -just sticking up to my name.

  • onacruse

    When I left, the net was here but I didn't use it...until 6 months ago; and what an accelerated and exhilirating 6 months it's been since then.

    bikerchic and I just now got back from a Meetup with songmistress, Lost Diamond, and Mystla, a dinner that would never have happened except for this forum. The threads of a new social fabric are forming before my very eyes.


  • nakedmvistar

    Hmmm, I wonder....if the net was around in judas' time, would he have killed himself? Or would he have participated in a forum like this and lived to speak out against those pesky Jesus Followers....It would have been quite therapeutic indeed.... .////nakedmvistar////

  • Carmel


    I left the "good life" in 1958 was Df'd in 59. Still working my slide rule so no support groups, or groupies for that matter. Never knew another X until one of my nephews left under duress in the late 80"s.


  • Robdar

    When I left, we had computers just no internet. It was rough going. Last year, I was actually thinking of going back to the KH to see if anything had changed because I was lonely and nostalgic for the old gang. I decided to do a little research and found Simon's site. It was a blessing to me because it helped remove the blinders that remained and I am finally free of that diabolical organization. Although I had been out for close to 20 years physically, I was not truly free mentally until I found this site.

    Thank you Simon. Thanks to everybody for your thought provoking posts. Your contributions are valuable and you never know how many others you may have helped get out of this false religion.



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  • pr_capone

    Well.. although I left when the net was around it took me over a year to find this place. Since finding it though I have done alot of healing and I feel so much better knowing that there are other people out there that have the same doubts as I do.

  • cornish

    When I left in 1995 I had no internet but I was lucky because of a friend who left around the same time as me and other non ex friends who had taken the trouble to learn about the JW movement who helped me both before and after I left the JWs,plus other very understanding friends who were good listeners.

    I was lucky becuase I had been deprogramed before I left and had read both of Ray Franzes books The Gentile Times reconsidered and also was regulary recieving ex JW journals like The Freeminds Journal and Comments from Friends which gave me some sort of contact with the world of those who were going through the same as myself.

    All said and done though,it still was not entirely easy to say the least especially the shunning by members of my own family and individuals who I had known all my life,and for those of you who left still believing it was the truth it must have been especially hard and tough going for you,I am so galad you made it through and have made it here.

    All said and done their is nothing to match the internet and forums like this and when I first got connected and wandered on to sites like this my soul tingled with joy.

    Yes thank you Simon and those doing similar work.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I had no net access when I left 18 years ago. I was really difficult. I too felt like God had rejected me and wanted to die. mind you I was pretty suicidal before they DFed me.

    It took me five years and a friend's innocent questions that helped me look on the net and I found a mountain of information comdemning the WTS

    Been free ever since

  • Been there
    Been there


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