Weird and unusual Kingdom Halls

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  • Junction-Guy

    Does anyone here have any experiences with any unusual kingdom halls, such as architecture, location and furnishings. I have several

    In Eaton Ohio there was a small kingdom hall that sat next to the railroad tracks and everytime the train went by it shook the building

    In salyersville Ky there was a small kingdom hall in a storefront buliding, no sound system and they had a kerosene heater at the back of the hall

    In Allen Ky you used to have to go out the front door around the side and down into the basement to go to the restroom

    I believe the Rush Ky congregation was in a doublewide trailer and no sound system

    Near Dayton Ohio I believe it was Huber Heights there was a kingdom hall that set right next to a church, in fact their parking lots were side by side, i thought that was a weird arrangement, i wonder if that hall is still there

    There is a congregation in Anna Illinois where they never stood up for the songs, and they took a 10 minute intermission in between the talk and WT study, i was talking with a guy on here who used to attend that cong and he said theyve changed that now

    well does anybody else have any unusual kingdom halls to tell about?

  • heathen

    I once went to a kingdom hall were I was surrounded by a bunch of fruit cakes . Does that count ?

  • TR

    The very first KH I went to actually has a watchtower(TM) as part of the architecture.


  • ballistic

    I went several times to a cornish congregation (I believe poster "cornish" has been there) which was held in a shop front. They put a book display on in the windows.

  • TheItalian

    In my KH there two columns in the midst of the room. Inside them are the toilet pipes from the above flats. If you're not deaf..

    And I am a Penguin.

  • Athanasius

    When I was driving through British Columbia in the 1977 I saw this KH that was real small and looked just like a box. It was painted green. In 1989 I saw another KH in the same province that had a French 75 mm artillery piece out front. I even took a picture of it. If I find the old photo will post.



  • Kenneson

    Certainly not all Kingdom Halls are storefronts. Take a look at the plush ones in East Pennines, England and Fort Lauderdale, Florida on page 363 of "Mankind's Search for God." And on pages 364-365 are the world headquarters in Brooklyn and branch offices in South Africa, Spain and New Zealand.

  • LizardSnot

    Junction Guy,

    I used to go to the Springfield West & Urbana congregations.

    The Springfield Central congregation had a wooden model of a Watchtower just past the entrance and behind the seating area. It was a nice looking model...just never saw anything like that in other halls.


  • freedom96

    We were taught how horrible and full of demons churches were, so imagine my suprise when the WTS bought an old church, re-did it, and now it holds 3 Kingdom Halls inside.

  • Cicatrix

    I attended a very unusual kingdom hall for my area--it actually has windows:) But they are selling it so they can build one without windows--they must all be in agreement, you know.

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