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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Wonderer,

    Just to expand a little bit on Craig's discussion:

    Assuming she "qualifies" (i.e. no questions about her loyalty and conformity) she can be a pioneer (likely), special pioneer (possibly), Bethelite (unlikely), or even Gileadite (very unlikely), and spend the rest of her natural life in full-time servitude.

    JW women are not permitted to "teach the congregation." The most she can do is participate in a sales demonstration in which she speaks to someone else in a dramatization of a Sales Meeting Bible Study.

    She can knock on doors as a publisher for from 15 minutes to 720 (30x24) (full-time, non-stop doorknocking, only theoretically possible) hours a month.

    Or, she can apply to be a "Pioneer" and knock on doors for from 80 to 720 hours a month.

    Or, she can apply to be a "Special Pioneer" and knock on doors... the minimum goes up.

    Or, she can apply to live and work at the WTS HQ, "Bethel" where she'll get $100/month as a "volunteer," with room and board, and she will be permitted to do laundry or clean rooms for the brothers.

    Or, she can apply for admission to "Gilead," the WTS school for JW missionaries, and she'll be sent to some disease infested backwater where she can knock on the doors of grass huts. She still will have to be in submission to any brothers. A few years ago a graduating class at Gilead was told during their graduation ceremony that they should go to their assignments "...and die there."

    JWs have an excellent benefits/retirement plan. It's called 'the resurrection."

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  • LittleToe

    So are you an "ex", or do you have "an axe to grind"?

  • Exetazo

    Dear TR

    Whilst you are entitled to your own veiws, your ungracious reply won't ganer you any respect. (Ecclesiates 10 v 12).

    Do you lambast anyone who agrees with WTS & anyone who puts forward a view slightly different to yours?

    Its rather conceited to label me so quickly as you know nothing about me. May it be it is you who are influenced by "unwritten laws" & "guilt trips"



  • D8TA


    I'm sorry, could you please point to the recent publication and/or scripture that encourages "Jehovah's" people to engage in coversation (written, verbal, typed, smoke signals...anything!) with what your WTBTS would label "apostates"?

    Is anybody here who posts, lurks, visits, or what not is to understand that you have a "special" reason as to engaging in flagrant behavior that contradicts the "counsel" of "Jehovah's" word? The Watchtower? Awake? Various publications that do not condone your participation in such forms of engagement?

    If I'm wrong on this; please send me an e-mail with your name and local congregation and include your PO's name. I assure you that this information will be held private, but only to the extent that I can have a conversation with your PO about you posting on this site. I wish to clarify further, that indeed, your society finds your actions and behaviors appropriate. After all, you've stated that it's your "Jehovah" that judges and there is "free choice" in such organization, and you do not follow "men".

    No need for a first name. Just say Brother/Sister (Insert Last Name Here), I attend (Insert Congregation Here-Complete Location). My PO's name is (insert name here).

    I mean after all, surely you proclaim such "truths", wan't to put your money where your mouth is?

  • happysunshine

    WOW! onacruse and brummie are bang on. And I KNOW exatazo will not take up D8TA's offer- because it's totaly true. According to the authors own supposed beliefs, the author will die a terrible death very soon for being here. Exatazo speaks falsehoods- the author is taking sensitive issues and twisting them- like a child molester that stalks child abuse survivour web sites. AKA troll.

    Anyway- after that rude interuption- I hope it all works out with the friend. My 2 cents is to talk about whatever, but if you do sense any aprehension about any religious-conected issue, back off laughing and say, "well I'm just a silly person who doesn't know much". Lighten it up. Life and time may loosen her up.

  • Exetazo

    Dear D8TA & Happysunshine

    You also have fallen into the trap of assuming who i am.

    Does anyone who challenges some of the views posted here have to be a JW? Could it be an ex JW? An inquirer? A curious surfer?

    The fact that i can speak knowledgeably does not label me!



  • Brummie
    If I'm wrong on this; please send me an e-mail with your name and local congregation and include your PO's name


    Exetazo, your welcome here, its your message that has been confronted and your "watchotwer talk".

    If you are an exjw you may certainly be out of the Watchtower but the Watchtower is not out of you yet. Thats ok, we are all working on getting the garbage out of us.

    If you have never been a JW and are just a curious surfer...then you have no rights to assume more knowledge than those of us who spent many years as practising active JWs do you? Surely we who have lived it would have more insightful information to give to the original poster.

    If you are just an "inquirer" then why disnt you just inquire? rather than write off this board as a bunch of apostates giving wrong information? Doesnt sound like just a "Curious surfer or an inquirer" does it?

    Nah Exetazo, you are either an exjw or a JW or somewhere in the middle. Its easy to work that out, dont underestimate us otherwise you are the one that has fallen into the trap of assuming we are all thick!.

    Hope to see you around more. Feel free to challange any of the veiws here, but at least let everyone also challange yours.


  • D8TA


    Its not the question of: Who I am.

    It is indeed: What I am.

    For who you are, frankly, I dont give a damn. Your life, thoughts, emotions, practices, whether youve been to Disneyland or not...nope, not a care in the world. I dont even want to know who you are.

    But as to what you are? A Jehovah Witness. Oh sure, if you want to apply labels such as member or X-JW...I can safely, without doubt, say as to what you are. Again, a Jehovah Witness.

    Audience: Oh pray, Great Teacher, how have you concluded to this fact?


    By your disposition and defense, by the very words and demonstrations in the very few posts you've made already. There's no magic, no miracles, no tricks and certainly nothing up my sleeves.

    Exetazo...dear, dear Exetazo...I hate to inform you: People are not stupid.

    Do you think for one second that everything in my old life as a JW simply vanished? Do you think, that every experience and intimate knowledge of " Witness speak", every little behavior of Witnesses, simply disappeared? Did you think; that the very disposition you hold and words you use are simply that of a slave from the Watchtower and that I simply did not notice?

    You reek of Witnessdom. You speak of Witnessdom.

    Let me dissect your simple mind for you, for since the truth of what you are is exposed.

    Right now, you believe by using the Bible and quoting scripture from such, that you are indestructible. You still reside within a box that gives you a false sense of security. Your tactics employ a method of two-dimensional thinking, and your attacks are from a single point of origin. Your defense mechanism is that of a person who is fighting for their "truth". You believe that your ambiguity results in a clever disguise, but you fail to cover your own footprints. You have the armor of a sentry upon the great Watchtower wall, believing such a keep is well defended. You may; perhaps, left the platoon...but you fail to leave your post, for in doing so, will ultimately call down the wrath of your perceived "Jehovah".

    You are a slave of the Watchtower, and you are as transparent as a window.

    I do not play the games of semantics and misdirection; yet do not lead yourself to believe that I do not know the game. I had once played that game, as you play now, and I am a master of such a contest.

    Do us a favor, stop the bullshit, have some dignity for crying out loud! Pathetic silly closed-minded fools who live by WTBTS rules get eaten alive in the real world. Go back; go back to your Kingdom of Ignorance before its to late.

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  • onacruse

    Brummie, well said.

    Exetazo, in just 2 days you've managed to share some remarkable insights with us all (in addition to the above):

    Exetazo says: Yes, but i was never led to belive that Jehovahs Witness, past or present are perfect. It's obvious that, just like bible characters who served God in the past, all servants of God come from the same backrounds as the whiners on this forum & are not perfect, make mistakes & need to continue making imporvements - just like me & you.

    Exetazo says: You need to check your facts before shooting your mouth off & slandering others. Why not spend your time doing what the bible tells you to do (eg Matthew 28:18 -20) instead of slagging off others..(now what scripture would that be.?


    ..(now what scripture would that be.?

    There's a word for your type of posting...(now what word would that be.?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    You said, in part

    Do you lambast anyone who agrees with WTS

    I guess that means that you agree with the WTS about something. What might it be?

    That the WTS is led by spirit directed members of the "faithful and discreet slave"?

    That Armageddon will begin in 1914?

    That September 1975 was mankind's 6,000th birthday?

    That the Soviet Union will fulfill Bible prophecy?

    That the UN is an "abomination" that True Christians(tm) should avoid become entagled with?

    That a True Christian(tm) can own stock in a company that produces weapons?

    That the WTS represents the only true religon?

    Tell us, if you would, please.

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