"About Schmidt" slow...

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  • breeze

    I just viewed this film.... "About Schmidt" ..

    This movie is mildly entertaining....it moves very slow and seems to be unfocused completely at times....some times funny...

    Jack is Jack, as always he is good, and Kathy Bates is OK, nude scene warning...Kathies ass....I read reviews that see him as a Oscar candidate for this film...that is certainly a Stretch !!!!

    Howard Hessman is in it, and he is very good, but not a big role, I love him from the old Cincinnati radio sitcom???

    I give it...3 stars out of five......It finally makes its point right near the end so don't leave to early.....

  • Gopher

    Howard Hesseman played "Johnny Fever", the DJ, in "WKRP in Cincinnati", the show that introduced us to Loni Anderson (but I'm getting off topic here ).

  • happyout

    My mother in law highly recommends this movie, which is enough to make me swear I will never see it!!!

  • MegaDude

    Haven't seen "About Schmidt" but I sure liked Nicholson in his previous film "The Pledge." Very grim ending, though.

    Although I didn't care for it much, Gangs of New York's two hour and 45 minute length flew by at lightening speed.

    I saw four films in the theater in 2002 that really impressed me:

    Auto Focus

    The Grey Zone

    Road to Perdition

    The Minority Report

  • joannadandy

    Breeze I have never really agreed with anything you post here, so I guess it really shouldn't surprise me I totally disagree with you about this as well.

    If you believe it was unfocused and rambling, then I think you missed the entire point of the movie. It was subtle. A nice change of pace from the cliche "Oh gee I wonder if the killer is hiding in the basement movie" or "Gosh I hope the guy gets the good girl in the end instead of the frigid one he is dating now" movies that hollywood as swamped us with of late.

    I have never seen a movie "more real". The characters, from the couple in the camping park to the bridesmaids at the wedding, were all so real I could pinpoint all of them in my own life. That's what this movie was. Real life! There was no thrilling climax, there was no gut wrenching heroic speech, there was no life altering comearound for the characters because that's not how real life works.

    It was far from boring. It was tremendously touching and honest. Jack Nicholson stepped out of his crazy/tough guy standard roles to portray a man who can't be himself. He wants so badly to tell the world off but he doesn't. He has all this anger and all this rage, and he can do nothing with it.

    I could talk about the realisim and details of this movie for hours. I'm sure it's not for everyone. A lot of people need adreneline and fairy tales to keep them happy. But for those of us who like honest movies that are about people instead of explosions, this was a GREAT FILM!

    Jack won his golden globe last night, and I wouldn't be surprised if he got an oscar for this role either.

  • HappyHeathen


    Well said. "About Schmidt" was an absolute gem of a movie. The characters are lifted from real life -- they're your own family (unfortunately), your next door neighbors, or your best friend. I so enjoy these types of movies that portray people realistically -- real slices of life.

    I was absolutely absorbed in the movie. Didn't find myself being jarred even once because someone was miscast as I often am in the typical Hollywood movie staring Sandra Bullock or Brad Pitt or annoyed that the script was unrealistic. It's one of those rare movies that didn't seem ACTED.

    Like you said, the movie is not for everyone.

    For those of you who don't mind subtitles, one of the best foreign films out on video is "Bread and Tulips." If you're looking for a "feel good" flick, check it out.


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