I Want to Paint a Portrait of Comforter, but...

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  • Stephanus

    ...I've run out of yellow! LOL

    Actually, I do have something left called "Lemon Yellow Hue", which has the chemical name "nickel titanate". The information I have on this pigment is that it is dull, weak and lacking in substance. Sounds like the perfect way to represent Comforter/Dunsscot!

  • Stephanus

    Okay, I'm exaggerating a little - I do have some yellow left. Below are some swatches of the yellows I have around at the moment:

    Top left is Lemon Yellow

    Bottom left is Cadmium Yellow

    Bottom left is the nickel titanate, the weak and unpleasant pigment.

    I also have "Winsor Yellow" and "New Gamboge", two yellows which aren't very lightfast - they fade on exposure, yet another great way to represent Dunsscot...er Comforter! LOL

  • Stephanus

    Another problem I've encountered - it's hard to paint something that doesn't stay in the same spot for long. Dunsscot/Comforter takes a powder as soon as people realise he's here sniffing around - kinda like Gollum...

  • Prisca

    My aunt painted her unit the Lemon Yellow colour on the top left there. At first it seemed a bit bright, but it lifted the mood of the place.

    Prisca, of the Didn't-Really-Have-A-Comment-Re-The-Thread-But-Thought-She-Would-Say-It-Anyway Class

  • Stephanus

    It's amazing what a bright gaudy colour can do to "lift the mood" of a house. Our loungeroom was in standard non-descript beige until my wife got over-excited with a roller...

  • ballistic


    I changed my mind, I'm not going to say anything.

  • Scully

    I've seen some nice pictures of comforters in catalogues online....



    I suppose you could also substitute pictures of duvet covers... that might work too

    Love, Scully

  • Stephanus

    Checked out your Sears catalogue , Scully. Found a nice line in reversible comforters:


    "Reversible" seems like another adjective which suits Comforter/Dunsscot... LOL

  • Michael3000

    My aunt painted her unit the Lemon Yellow colour on the top left there.

    Hey, Prisca - I painted my unit Yellow once; but my wife didn't like it. She said if she wanted to be violated by a fruit, she'd buy some of those Richard Simmons exercise videos!

    -- M

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    ..."my wife got over-excited with a roller"...

    This is the part I want to discuss .

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