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  • breeze

    I recently bought a great product from McAfee....a spam-killer and pop-up killer....it works great....It has sound and it is killing them right and left...

    If you are on-line like I am it really helps?

    The internet is going to be a lot more fun now....???


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  • Jourles

    The easy and free way to kill popups is to disable Active Java Scripting under your Internet Options if you are using Internet Exploder.

    Go to ----> Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab>Custom Level> Scroll down to Active Scripting and click on "disable." No more popups.

    For spam blocking, try this application ---> http://www.spampal.com It's free.

    Spampal runs as a background service on your computer. With a little change in your POP3 email settings, you have a very effective way of blocking roughly 99% of spam. What it does is it queries open relay mail server blacklist databases(mail servers which are known for spam proliferation) and you can tag your incoming mail as "**SPAM**" or whatever you want to call it. You can then filter these incoming spam messages to go directly to your "deleted items" folder. Since Spampal adds the "**SPAM**" to the subject line, just create a rule which parses the subject line with the phrase **SPAM** to get deleted. Just read the online manual for detailed instructions on how to set this up.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I just downloaded pop up stopper off of PC World. It's free and it works great.

    I didn't know that Jourles. But then the total tonnage of things I don't know about computers . . . .

  • Prisca

    Thanks for the tips guys. I get those annoying pop-ups all the time, even when I'm browsing this board.

  • pr_capone

    The best one I have used to date is ad-ware. Linky below. Best of all its Freeware!


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